Okay so now, it's December 2nd and the time is 7:28 P.M. Sunday night. I heard sirens in the distance, Police sirens and I know why. It's because of my late night walks in the neighborhood where I live. They know where I live, I think every one of the officers do. I thought they ride around in a part of a neighborhood with the sirens turned on close to where I live so I can hear them. If they ever come to my door I've thought about lying to them if they ask me where I was and what I was doing. I ask the q is it good to lie to at least try to cover for myself even though I wasn't doing anything I had insomnia.

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  • Late night walks where you wank on people’s windows? We know about this.....the cops wil find you and then use you, leaving you brusised and battered

  • Mayбе тне gцу шаsn'т "щаnкiոց" օռ аդуоոε's ωιηδοω, mαγβε hε οηlγ ωαητξδ το τακε α ωαlκ...mαγβε...οηlγ hξ ωουlδ κηοω ωhατ hε ωας δοιη'...ωhατ ιf α ωοmαη ωξητ fοr α ωαlκ ατ ηιghτ αηδ ςτορρεδ το rξαch ιητο hεr ραητς αηδ ρlαγ ωιτh hξr ρυςςγ ιf τhξrε ωαςη'τ αηγοηε ξlςε αηγωhεrε αrουηδ...mαγβξ τhε gυγ ωαητεδ α lιττlε αιr...ιτ'ς α τhυghτ, γου κηοω. το βε οη τhουghτς...¿ ωουld αηγοηξ cαll τhις "αβηοχιους fοrmαττιηg"... ?

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