Happier with the younger model

About 10 years ago I was married to an older man (I was 45 back then, he was in his 60s). Our marriage was beginning to lose its spark quickly, he was mostly dismissive of me and while I couldn't confirm it, I knew he was cheating on me. However, I got along well with his son, my stepson (in his 20s back then), who had just broken up with a long term girlfriend.

We were all at a wedding out of town one night, one of my exhusband's business partners, I think. The businessmen were all a bore, so I went my one way to have fun. I ended up drunk. When I went to look for my husband, he barely looked at me with disgust before asking his son to take me to our room.

As he walked me, he said he was sorry that my father treated me like that. I noticed he was drunk as well, as he was saying that such a gorgeous woman as myself deserved much better. I waited until we were out of sight to act on my instincts: I threw him agains the wall, kissed him deeply and rubbed my body against his, I could feel his erection within 3 seconds. "Are you sure?", he asked. "Yeah, you?", I asked back. He french-kissed me back, rubbed his cock against me and started to grope me before we dashed to his room instead. He was shy and gentle at first, but then I told him that I hadn't been touched by his dad or any other man in years, and that I needed to be fucked, that I wanted him to treat me like a fucktoy. And that he did. I even managed to get him to fuck me in the ass, something that drives me crazy but hadn't done in ages (the mister said it was something only "filthy people" did). We climaxed very hard at the same time, a first for me, so I'll never forget the feeling of his athletic body shivering over mine while my ass was overflowing with his cum. After a while we dressed back up, he returned to the party and I went to my room, to avoid suspicion.

A few months later he left me for a younger bitch, I didn't really resent it because I was much happier with his son and still got my alimony. A few years later he died from a heart attack.

A decade later from that, I'm happily single and living in another state. I have been in many open relationships with many lovers. But still, when his son comes over for work, I book him an entire weekend. He's still the one that fucks me best, even though he's married now.


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  • In college in the 60's I lived in rooming house. The live in landlady had a thing for me. She was a chubby women, cute, mid 40's. She had a strict rule, late with the monthly $35 rent, pay a $10 penalty. I should have paid the Jan rent before Xmas break, but forgot. I go to her office, tail between my legs -- ready to get scolded. She says she can take it out in trade the penalty. She's flirting with me. I'm like shovel snow -- sure. She shocks the hell out of me "give me oral sex" -- Now that was a pretty taboo thing for an 18 year old in 1965. I fantasized about maybe giving my future wife oral, but even that thought grossed me out. But $10 meant a lot to me. So I maned up and did it. And it did gross me out on many levels, ~I'd die if someone walked in~ with her coaching me I brought her to orgasm. And that was pretty cool. I did the dirty deed 3 more times for her. I did it for 2 girlfriends too, one was grossed out and the other couldn't get enough and returned the favor with blowjobs. BJ GF said it's so crazy that I love doing such a whore thing.

  • That's why age gaps don't age well (no pun intended). I hope you find someone your age to truly love you, aside from the sex stuff.

  • That's some story. You sound like a good person and a lot of fun. I wish I knew people like you

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