Protruding pubic hair

Things like this never happen to me but it did on Monday, my workshop is two buildings separate by a public footpath between them. crossing the footpath on Monday I was carrying some tools and I dropped some, a lady on her bicycle stopped to not run over them, picked up my tools and started chatting, weather, COVID etc we chatted for over 20 minutes and there’s a good reason for chatting that long.
She had like a knee high summer dress on and when she rested one foot on the pedal in the top position I had a perfect view up her dress, she had white panties with loads on protruding black pubic hair, it was delightful, it was such a turn on, every time she readjust her foot I got a different angle of her pussy mound.

14 days ago

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    • My wife is 64 and has been shaving forever I’m 65 and started shaving 6-7 years ago. I love it, I love when she licks right above my dick while playing with my hair less balls, watching our two smoothies meet when I fuck her from behind is a big turn on, I love to pull out and finish on her asshole, and then I lick off every drop and we share a nice gooey kiss.

    • Up until she was 45 my wife always shaved and trimmed her pubic hair.
      When on holiday I noticed a woman sunbathing with her pubic hair showing from under her bikini bottoms I found it such a turn on seeing this I asked my wife to leave hers to grow.
      Since then she has left it to grow back to a natural state.
      I find it turns me on to see her hairy pussy showing from round her panties and swim suit. It always draws other men's attention when sunbathing.

    • I have shaved my gf's pussy couple of times in the bathroom but every time I shaved her, I ate her pussy to her orgasm, then we fucked ...

    • I like a small landing strip no winter Bush that's to 70'a

    • I hate pubic hair. I even shave my junk because I hate it that much. In the 80's when women started shaving, I was thanking God, then in the 90's when women went to landing strips, I thanked God even more. Then by the 2000's when women only had a slim line of hair, I was saying thank you God for the gift you have given me. Today women are shaved bald down there, and I thank God every day. I hate pubic hair.

    • You’re a fucking idiot. You have no clue how sexy pubic hair is.

    • First of all, my opinion is mine. I have the right to like or dislike anything or anyone I choose.
      Second, I think I know better than you what I like and dislike, so yes I "have a clue".
      Third, I never called you a "fucking idiot" for liking pubic hair. So no need for you to be a fucking asshole to me. But then again, some people are just born dickheads; I guess you're one of them.

    • Fuck you . You are stupid

    • Stupid would be someone like you who isn't able to debate. The best argument you have is "fuck you. You are stupid"? Wow, lol. I can see you didn't make it very far in highschool.

    • Bald pussy is beautiful -good hygiene. It is a way to see if she has a disease.

    • I know you don't see it much anymore but back in the 60's and 70's girls didn't shave. I remember my GF putting her bikini on, standing and spreading her legs, me on my knees trimming hair sticking out. A 60's Rockwell moment,, LOL. I soon discovered young ladies who had the biggest bushes were the best ones to stick your dick through. Ample pubic hair and ample sex drive were a pair. And nothing like give oral through a big bush that soon was wetter than an otter's pocket. Badge of courage, a dripping wet face while she's screaming for more. It might have been your aunt.

    • That’s so hot!! I love thick bushy pussies with enormous amounts of pussy hair. I would love to know if it went up her ass too, because that’s my favorite. I love to lick hairy assholes especially ones with jet black pubic hair all over them. I’m going to jerkoff my thick cock now thinking about this

    • So true bigger the bush the better

    • You are correct hairy pussy is the best. Especially after my wife fucks 2 or 3 guys and there cum is in her pubic hair

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