Been snap chatting my 15 year old niece started chatting as you would expect I'm finding her very interesting and sexy.
I'm thinking about her sexy body a lot these last few weeks.

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  • I've started thinking about my niece. She is nearly 14 and she is so sexy. Amazing tits and tight arse! Hopefully going to try to get her to spend some time with me during the summer, fingers crossed for sex!

  • Buying her some clothes for christmas the sexy kind she cant show her mom.

  • Neice is 16 early next year I just cant stop thinking about fucking her and getting her pregnant.
    Great tits long legs nice firm round ass love to make a real woman of her

  • Her body is driving me crazy

  • I'm hoping she has a nice smooth tight pussy

  • Does she shave her pussy? Ask her and tell us

  • Hate hairy pussy

  • Nothing wrong with hairy. Love it!!!!

  • When I was 20 and hadn't had any pussy for several months, I met a 15 year old slut at my friend's house. I was desperate and the following week we fucked. She was still tight, and she came once before I came with her the second time.

  • I bet her pussy is soooo tight

  • Just bought twister think that will be a good way of getting close to her gorgeous body

  • Good idea! Make sure its just you two.

  • Do you have experience with a niece?

  • No i don't but i would with one of my nieces if i had the chance!

  • Should be can hopefully get her into a few sexy positions

  • Exactly! Especially if you can get her bent over in front of you.

  • Close up and personal yes

  • Totally, strip twister would be even better!

  • She is 5ft 8 tall a bit weighty but good size tits and a great round ass with long legs hope she wears her leggings 🤗

  • She sounds lovely! Has she shown any interest in you?

  • We've had a good relationship lately lots of good eye contact and a lot more suggestive comments.

  • Sounds promising! Give an example of a suggestive comment she made?

  • When we chat anything she tells me like drinking whisky its dont tell my mum so I've a few secrets to keep which may come in useful

  • You should get some whisky ready for when she comes round. Will her mum be ok if she spends the night at your place?

  • Not asked her to stay over before but if I arrange a late night cinema and say she may as well stay over get some whisky in put a film on have a few drinks see how things develop

  • Good thinking, don't forget to get some condoms!

  • Oh condoms a must think she is still a virgin but they start early so I may be wrong better if she is not really

  • They do start early, thats for sure. If she is a virgin will that make you think twice?

  • I'd prefer her to have had sex but it will be what it will be if she wants sex

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Is she a blood relative?

  • Lovely thinking of her sliding that lovely ass onto my rock hard cock sooo tight I bet

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