Been snap chatting my 15 year old niece started chatting as you would expect I'm finding her very interesting and sexy.
I'm thinking about her sexy body a lot these last few weeks.

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  • I bet her pussy is soooo tight

  • Just bought twister think that will be a good way of getting close to her gorgeous body

  • Good idea! Make sure its just you two.

  • Do you have experience with a niece?

  • No i don't but i would with one of my nieces if i had the chance!

  • Should be can hopefully get her into a few sexy positions

  • Exactly! Especially if you can get her bent over in front of you.

  • Close up and personal yes

  • Totally, strip twister would be even better!

  • She is 5ft 8 tall a bit weighty but good size tits and a great round ass with long legs hope she wears her leggings 🤗

  • She sounds lovely! Has she shown any interest in you?

  • We've had a good relationship lately lots of good eye contact and a lot more suggestive comments.

  • Sounds promising! Give an example of a suggestive comment she made?

  • When we chat anything she tells me like drinking whisky its dont tell my mum so I've a few secrets to keep which may come in useful

  • You should get some whisky ready for when she comes round. Will her mum be ok if she spends the night at your place?

  • Not asked her to stay over before but if I arrange a late night cinema and say she may as well stay over get some whisky in put a film on have a few drinks see how things develop

  • Good thinking, don't forget to get some condoms!

  • Oh condoms a must think she is still a virgin but they start early so I may be wrong better if she is not really

  • They do start early, thats for sure. If she is a virgin will that make you think twice?

  • I'd prefer her to have had sex but it will be what it will be if she wants sex

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Is she a blood relative?

  • Lovely thinking of her sliding that lovely ass onto my rock hard cock sooo tight I bet

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