Surely you must know

Recently returned from a 10 day holiday with my gf.
The gf got chatting to another couple that are from where she had grown up so had plenty to talk about.
I got chatting to her bf that was basically a bit of a wet drip.
The funny thing is I had been checking out his gf walking around the pool before meeting them.
Her bikini bottoms are the ones you tie up either side but the bottoms she had on didn’t fit right, like two sizes to big.
When she walked around the pool you could clearly see her pussy.
One day we passed them looking for a spot, we stopped and said hello, she was straddling the sun lounger reading a book and honest to god it was pointless wearing anything, her pussy was pretty much on full show because of them being so big, the cap showed everything!
Surely you must know your pussy is on show.

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  • Sometimes I dream of sex with a teacher or investigator or in some research get to know a man really intimately or have sex with a police officer or doctor. so long as they are beautiful and good in bed and romance. someone who will listen and be my own cooper and just love me, let me fall into his arms and love me when I struggle with life or health or anything. give me life and breathe and someone to belong to other then the bastards physically I was forced with.

  • My wife and her best friend sow the gusset of their bikini bottom so at least one lip slips out and stays exposed they have nice shaved pussies of course they pretend not to know however we get a hell of a lot of triple looks and more than often a lot of people walk past in front quite a bit, I love watching the passing parade

  • Of course she did. Did you like the view? I like to accidentally on purpose let my tit slip out of my bikini top while at the beach and talk to people as they walk by. The women are the best. They can’t stop staring at it. They won’t say anything of course, just stare at it. I can’t wait and end up rubbing my clit under my towel minutes after they leave because I’m so jacked up horny from it.

  • All very NICE!

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