I’m good friends with a school mum, we chat most days waiting for the kids to come out.
I didn’t see her one day so I stayed sitting in my car, then she scared the life out of me, creeped up behind the car and shouted through my window.
I stayed sitting in the car while chatting to her, my eye vision was at her waist height and she was showing midriff.
She got a call and answered it, while on the phone she rested her elbows on top of my car, looking closely I could see a few pubic hairs protruding from the top of her joggers.
When she got off the phone she said she had been so busy and not had time to do anything for herself, jokingly I said, yeah I can see that, you need to stand closer to the razor when you’re trimming up, she knew what I was referring to because I moving my head and eyes towards her pubic line.
Oh she said that’s nothing, as she said that she pulled her joggers down a bit and revealed a big bush then said I’ve not got time for that sort of thing then carried on chatting about how busy she is.
To this day I can’t forget that close up view of her bush.
Would love to have my face buried in that bush.

1 month ago

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    • You're a fool if you think she wasn't advertising . . . . . . . . . to YOU!! Tell HER everything you told us! I can promise you that hairy women are better lovers than chicks who shave, wax or trim! By far!

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