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When I get horny I really wanna tell someone about my kinky experiences. I’m a young male, I’ve had many sexual experiences, with girls and guys, all kinds of things and I just really wanna exchange stories with people and talk to people, and maybe become friends while we’re at it. If anyone feels interested and I mean anyone, comment a way to contact you like a username or something. Thank you haha

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  • Hey im a 23 yo female def interested in hearing these stories

  • I doubt you’ll see this but a drop a wat to contact you?

  • I have also alot off stories from when i was a young boy...

  • Hellioo young fella..I would like to share atories and experiences with kinda reminded me of my self when I was younger hope I'm not violating. Any major rules but I like to call myself riddindirty96@g

  • No rules it’s just talking about anything really haha

  • That’s cool man, what app can I find that username on?

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