More women have affairs than men do.

If the true statistics were know, you would see that more women have screwed around on their partner than men have.

It is a know fact that women are desired by men. Matter a fact, it's much easier to get laid as a woman than as a man. You can see than in pretty much every species on the planet. So if that were true, and it is. Then logic dictates that for a woman to have an affair, she only need to say yes to the next man flirting with her. Whereas men have to convince a woman to have sex with him, a difficult task which is compound if he is already committed to another partner.

So. If it's harder for men to have sex with women being single, and then compounded if he's in a relationship already, then then his odds of having an affair are much much lower than a woman who only needs to say yes to the next guy who propositions her.

Ergo, logic dictates that more women have had affairs than guys, because it's so much easier for them to screw around.

19 days ago

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    • Wrong I think I it's almost equal. Who cares what studies show. I have had single women, married , engaged women hit on me . No effort on my part you do have to remember that women are about 7 years more mature then men. So the men they are looking at or end up cheating with are maybe more mature then there spouses, or established , funnier.

    • It's funny how you disagree, yet point out you've had married women and engaged women hit on you.

    • You forget one thing idiot! Most women have more class and etiquette then men.

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA chortle
      good one mate!

    • Wow, sexist much?

    • Gaggles of brainless chattering harpie-whores, good for making babies I guess but nothing else. I can’t believe we gave them the vote, they’ve really fucked up the world since then.

    • Also, women are innately self-absorbed, selfish and amoral.

    • Amen to THAT

    • And that is the reason you idiots are still virgins!

    • Suure, whatever lets you sleep at night sweetheart

    • I am an attractive gay male, and I am getting plenty of dick! There are other options.

    • Shut up faggot. No one cares about you sucking dick.

    • Lego, Disney, Mattel, Levi's, TGIFridays, ad infinitum, all put out voluminous gay pride shit all last month. Tons of Pride products. Apparently everybody cares about him sucking dicks.

    • Just because faggot loving liberals want a push that shit in everyone's face, doesn't mean everyone cares or even agrees with it.

    • I don't care!

    • And no one cares about your sorry ass

    • Says the virgin asshole!

    • Yes my asshole is virgin that is correct, because I'm not a fag! But I do like to stick my dick in all these hot young girls with daddy issues...

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