Our sissy

I have been feminizing my husband since we first dated . Our daughters are 14 and 16 so we had to wait till they were not home or in bed and we had to be quiet and careful. I noticed that when I talked about dressing my husband up and our daughters catching him that he got so turned on that I started teasing him about it alot .one night I told him that it was time for our girls to see their daddy dressed girly and he couldnt keep his hands ofd his dick.I told him that he wasnt allowed to touch himself unless I said he could .I caught him dressed up watching porn where the dad was feminized infront of his little girls.he came so hard when i caught him and told him that I was going to let the girls dominate him . Afterwards he felt bad about it and I told him not to worry about it but the next day I ordered him to get dressed up for me ,while he was getting finished I said I was going to get something to drink but really went and brought our daughters back to see him . After their shock wore off I made the sissy explain why he was dressed lime a female and answer all of their questions. Three weeks later and several videos my daughters love feminizing their sissy father and have him working as our full time sissy maid. It is so funny watching my 14 year old daughter humiliating the sissy .it is now kept locked in permanent chastity so it can not play with its nasty pathetic little sissy dick. Sissy cant touch its self but we do enjoy watching her suck real mens cocks.

2 months ago

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    • So your faggot for a husband was watching child porn. You did nothing about that. Call CPS let them take the kids and then put a bullet in your husbands head, then one in your sick head!

    • He could call CPS and he will get off lightly because of covid. She decided to punish him herself and decided to include their daughters and told them about their father being a sissy so they can join together and punish him as long as they want to. Think of how humiliated he was when the girls walked in and saw him,the things they said and names they called him would have been horrible. If the sissies wife is smart she will force him to feminize himself every day and deny him sex to really make him suffer. Watching child porn is unforgivable and he needs to be locked in chastity immediatly,,maybe even castrated

    • This doesn't sound like a healthy direction in a parental/child relationship.

    • And being a sissy is ??The girls would have found out sooner or later and if they caught the sissy it could have been very traumatic and bad for us if they told others before we had the chance to talk to them. I made the sissy confess everything to our daughters and answer the many questions they had .I asked and they were curious and wanted to see so off the sissy went to change ,When she returned we talked to them first of all explaing that yes this is weird to them but if they were ok with it Sissy would be dressed up around them a lot ,and they were excited saying that Sissy should be feminized every day all day long. I explained that not everyone is ok with a guy dressing in womens clothes and might cause a scene or even be violent and we do really love our little sissy and dont want anyone to harm him .I told them that keeping him totally feminized at home sounded like a good idea and we would be going out in public dressed all girly at times but only places that I know are safe. Now the girls and I and especially the sissy are happy and the sissy stays totally feminized at all times except when at work or when we are out somewhere that isnt totally safe for a male to be seen wearing a skirt or dress . It has been very educational for all four of us and I am glad that I am getting the chance to teach my daughters about female led relationships .They were very interested in learning about being dominant ,mostly women dominating men

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