I want a Baby

I am a black guy and just want to have sex with a single or married woman,legal age,any race and get her pregnant.I have been wanting to do this for years.I hope I knock a woman up this coming year.I will be so happy.

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  • Well I hope you had a baby by someone. I know its not difficult for a black man to knock a women up. Black men got some seriously strong and powerful sperm. I was with a white man for 11 years and tried having a baby and no luck. I also stayed with him cause my father really liked him and didn't like black people. When I was 31 my father passed away. Few months after that I split up with my boyfriend of 11 years. As I turned 32 I really felt I wanted a baby and knew my clock was ticking. Started hanging with an old friend who was black. About a month went by and one night we had the best sex of my life. He was very dominate and aggressive. Month last found out I was pregnant. I had a black baby boy. If my father was alive he probably would have disowned me.

  • Sorry for the loss of your father but on the other hand screw him. You like who you wanna like. Congrats on your baby. How did you meet your black friend?

  • Met him originally in 12th grade and would see him around town over the years. He would be hanging out with friends that I'm hanging out with. After I split from my boyfriend that I was with for so long. He just so happen to be chilling at the bar with one of my girlfriends I was there to me. We talked that night and exchanged numbers. I would meet up with friends and he would be there cause we have always had same friends over the years. We texted a little more and met up for coffee few times after my break up.

  • So how did you get to the magical night? And how was the sex?

  • Well I was starting to talk to a new guy, which he was white. I really wanna meet a guy who wasnt controlling and a jerk. Met him at the bar we had a good time. Later that night my friends showed up including my black friend who his name was jamal. We all were having a good time. Went back to my friends apartment. Had more drinks and started playing games. Beer pong and truth or dare. We were playing my friends turn to ask me. I went with a dare. She dared me to make out with Jamal. I was stalling at first. I was never really attracted to black guys. But everyone was telling me to just do it. So me and him made out for few mins. Later on after a few people left. My friend and her bf went up stairs. Jamal and I just chatted on sofa and took few more shots. We started making out on sofa, unzipped his pants. Sucked him off till I got on his dick and rode it. Rode it really fast he shouted he was going to cum so I hopped off and sucked his cock till he came in my mouth.

  • (Continued) we chat for a few days till we met at my apartment. Came over had a few drinks and shots. Started making out, gave him a blow job. Did several positions which he dominated in most of them. Liked the dirty talk, pulling hair and choking. We were in doggy style position he was fucking me fast and hard. He then stated he was ready to cum. I knew I wasn't on birth control and taking a chance here. So I just told him to cum inside me. He fucked faster until he tensed up and let a massive explosion of cum inside my pussy. About three weeks later found out I was pregnant. And 9 months later had a black baby boy.

  • That's amazing story. Sounded like you did have a great night of sex. What's the guy like? Are you dating him now?

  • Jamal is in great physical shape, 6 pack, big arms. About 9 inch cock and very thick. He is a little on the gangsta side of things. We are currently dating. We have been off and on several times.

  • Coloured guys might have big dicks fuck you hard and fast and fill you with cum but other than that take a white boy every time you will be happier and have a much better life I think.

  • I am looking for a nice guy to breed with my wife

  • If you want to get breed den msg me

  • I can breed your wife for sure

  • Christ, all this nasty talk about black dicks and biracial babies is making me realize that I'm missing something important in my life and it's making me want to go get pregnant. I've had three kids and I never thought before that I could feel so antsy and even horny to have a man knock me up, much less to have a black man do it (I'm a white 39f, btw), but I'm sitting here reading this shit and I feel just swept up in it and hot for it. Damn! It makes me feel filthy and excited all at the same time. There's this hot black guy who buys materials from the company I work for and I see him like twice a month or so, and he's always brazenly hitting on me, asking me to step out on my husband, talking dirty to me about blow jobs and regular sex, but mostly anal sex, and I've always just laughed it off and declined politely, but now you've got me thinking I need to reconsider and make a point of hooking up with him ........ and having his baby! DAMN!!!!!

  • Go get his bbc

  • If he does not do the job,you can count on me. But how you gonna explain the biracial baby to hubby? Good luck and enjoy the fuck in all your holes and merry christmas and happy new year

  • what she said is so right......black dick is waaaaaay better than white dick and almost all white grls say so. i know that all my friends and me all feel that way. i mean i will take a white one and have funwith it but only if i cant get on a black one at the time. white dick is just such a disapointment and black dick is such a plessure. thats what they are for pleaseing white girls and giving them babies. black dick rocks

  • And I want you to rock mine:)OP

  • this the truth. black dicks are the best dicks and i couldnt never get enogh of them. when the right kindof black man is around my legs are alwyas opento him and my womb is always open for busness. how could any white girl ever turn down any black dicks ever?

  • How many kids do you have by black men so far?

  • just 2 so far but i had 2 abortions when i was young because my parents made me to have them. but all the fathers were black. i have always loved black dicks best but the men have to be nice and smart like you and not the kind of black men that really are niggers. i hate those kinds and wont go with them even if i feel hungry for black which is like almost always.

  • I am sorry your parents made you terminate your precious children's lives.I am glad you kept the next two.I am not pro or anti abortion;in my view,it all depends on circumstances.But the fact that they made you terminate pregnancies by black men(most likely because the dads were black and nothing else) and you ended up having two more kids by other black men should really bother your parents.I have known women who had an abortion because "it was not the right time" or an excuse close to that.Then they end up pregnant a month later and since they are so traumatized,they keep the pregnancy.Then I get to wonder,why did they not keep the first pregnancy in the first place or why did they not use protection the second time around?
    I know parents who swear that their daughter will never bring a black man home.Before you know it,the daughter brings home a bi-racial child and the dad is black and there is nothing those grandparents can do about it. I personally don't care what race of wife or hubby my kid gets;so long as they are happy together and love one another.Life is short to deny oneself of love because the other person is not of the "right race".If you want more mixed kids please let me know:)

  • My boyfriend is a black guy and he's extremely endowed.

  • i am totally with her: black dick is wonderful. really wonderful. but even better than that is this idea of knocking up married women and there husbands not knowing who is the father. that is so hot!

  • I agree..I wanna do that so badly:)OP

  • Lucky girl:)OP

  • i am the same as the other girl i have a black teacher in math who is yummy i would give anything if he would start doing me and keep doing me and give me baby after baby hes married but i could care less i just want him to come and get on me and not ever get off me

  • Ohh sweet..since he is married and I am not,let me be the one to get on you and give you baby after baby.You sound so ready and I am ready too!

  • damn the way you two talk about baby after baby after baby sounds really hot and even makes me want it

  • I know uh!

  • god i fucking wish my 8 period phy-sci teacher thot like you. im a senior in high school and i am crazy mad in drippy hot lust for him. hes black too and when he wears these certan pants you can see real clear how fucking mad wild hung he is.....i mean SHIT!!! he makes me wet evry day in class but when hes got on those pants and walks around class i almost make a fucking puddle under my desk and i just want to fucking scream out to him FUCK MY PUSSY AND GIVE ME BABIES!!!!!! i wish he would do both. i fucking want that man. hes all man. im short and blonde and have small tits and hes tall and black and has that big fucking cock and i think we would look good together but i wouldnt have to marry him......i just want to fuck him and get knocked up by him (like SEVERAL times) and i think about him doing that every day! he is soooooooo fucking hot!!

  • I need and like a girl who thinks just like you,although I think that you may not be of legal age, if you are in high school. How old are you? I just wanna find a girl or woman who craves biracial children just like you and give her some kids for her to raise alone or we can raise them together.Please think about me when you get old enough:)OP

  • Im old enough. im 17 and thats legal here and i will be 18 in march but my parents put me on b/c pills when i was 13 so its not like im close to being a virgin (sorry!!!). me and my friends like black men as you can tell but its hard to find mature black men who will date us and the black boys all just treat us nice until they get the pussy and then they just treat us like shit. i mean i still go out with whites sometimes but i prefer black guys who are old enough to understand. part of it is that my parents are horrible racists and they would hate me but i would love love love to get myself knocked up by a black guy and then if he couldnt help me raise it because he was already married or didnt want to help me, i would bring it home and make my parents help me raise it and pay for things. they would freak naturally but i know they would help me and i know that they would eventualy love my black baby just as much as i would. i mean most girls say they love blacks because its the gigantic cocks or because they fill you up with all that fucking cum that keeps leaking out of you for like DAYS but for me its because mature black guys will just keep fucking you and fucking you over and over. like i said im really small and thin and so it feels amazing to have a grown black man fuck me for so long and then pick me up off the bed or the chair or the floor and just ragdoll me like fucking mad. theres nothing better than having a black man pick you up and ragdoll you. i love it. thats one of the things i think about in mr phipps class when he wears those pants.......i just think of him ragdolling me while i beg and shout for him to "GIVE ME BABIES!!" no white man fucks like that and no white man would EVER let you say that shit to them and understand that you mean it as love. because that is exactly what it is that they give you.....love.

  • I thought the age of consent in the US is universally 18? What state are you in?I wish you were 18 already and out of high school.But march is not far from now.
    Don't have a baby with anybody who cannot support you or the baby.That baby should not be in way your parent's responsibility.It should be taken care of by you and the father.In some ways,your thinking is awesome and I admire your thought process and strong desire for a black man and baby.
    Racism is bad.I know a married woman who just got pregnant by a black man because her dad and husband are hard core racists. She wanted to teach them both a lesson.OP

  • God that is really so sexy for the woman who went out and got her a black man to knock her up!!!! i would love to have the guts to do that to my husband and father!!!!

  • When you get the guts to accomplish that,I wanna be the black man you pick for the job:)OP

  • Ever since I first wrote to you and then saw that you wrote back I have been fantasizing long and often AND HARD about this whole fucking thing and especially about that friend of yours who got herself knocked up by a black man because her husband and father are hard core racists. I don't guess it will ever happen for me because I'm a fraidy-cat :), but it's still hot and fun and nasty to think of, and sometimes I just lay in bed before I go to sleep at night and dream about how it would happen and how the man would get me pregnant ON PURPOSE and would love me right then and the whole time I was carrying his baby and how my dad and husband would shit when the baby came out and it was black. But I think the best part and the sexiest part is actually carrying the baby in me and knowing what it was and whose it was and not telling anybody and just pretending that its my husbands but knowing it isnt because my black lover and I watched when I was ovulating and made love for like two straight days just to be sure we got the right time. And the second best part is knowing that my black man (I like that phrase" "my black man") would still keep coming back after me the whole time I was pregnant and making love even more. But I have a question. That married white woman you talked about who just got impregnated by a black man.....you said it like that was some other black man, but wasn't it really you? BE HONEST!

  • HONEST: that black man is not me..it was someone else and that makes me happy for the couple but also very jealous.I know the white couple I talked about.She wanted me to knock her up and he refused insisting that she gets pregnant by a white guy.She refused,met a black guy accidentally and got pregnant on purpose.She now spends lots of time at her "her black man's" apt and hubby spends nights alone.Hubby writes to me sometimes,as they live in another country.I sure wish I was the one who got her knocked up,she is cute and has a brilliant mind and an awesome heart.
    You wrote your reply well and sounds like music in my ears.I think you should make me your black man,get me to knock you up,carry the baby and savor the pregnancy and secrecy,enjoy my regular visit and sex encounters while you are pregnant,have the baby and, then give it to me to raise, if your dad and hubby give you a hard time.We can agree on liberal visitations,you can see the baby whenever you want.I have my email here somewhere.You can email me if you want:)

  • the age is different in diffrent states and in some places its like 16. you didnt ask but i think that the age seems kind of like it should depend on the girl?? i mean some girls are totaly grownups by 16 and some arent grownups even at like 24 or something, plus because our bodies can make and cary babies at a certan age it seems like nature shold make the decision what the right age is and not have it to be made by a lot of guys who dont know us and dont know what we can do. like my parnts put me on b/c when i was 13 so they must have thot that i was able to do that and culd go ahead and have all the sex but not worry about having to deal with all the babies. its complicated i know, but i promise you that when i see mr phipps in those fucking pants i know for sure i am old enough and ready enough to take him all up in me and start pumping out black babies for him. i am drippy hot for him and that cock of his (i wish it was mine too) and i love him. even right now i am missing him cuz we are out for break and i dont get to see him. :(

  • Waooo..that is so hot a post.I wish Mr.Phipps knew how hot and wet and drippy you get for him.Better yet,I wish I was him. In some countries and cultures,age does not even matter. Wait till you are 18 though to have black babies or babies.OP

  • I know you think maybe because of my age i probably am not all that good but just to let you know i have been with a lot of guys your age and they all tell me how great i am and how i am way way better than their wives and girlfriends so i just thought you should know. like you said age doesnt even matter and some younger girls are better than older girls not just because of experience but also because its natural to them and i am good because of both those things. just so you know....... :) and happy new year!

  • i wish you were him too because you so totally get it and so totally understand women and so totally appreciate white women like me. and i really like the idea about how ages dont matter and i really totally agree. and it makes me even hotter and wetter and drippier for it and for not waiting at all!

  • I wish I understood women,lol. Thanks for your great compliments. When do you turn 18 again? Happiest New year to you

  • i dont think a man like you has any trouble understanding women. unfortunaly i wont be 18 until march but im totaly legal like NOW and i have been since last march but its not like i waited to be legal before i started having fun. im at lunch break now and will be in mr phipps class in a cople of hours and i will definately be thinking of how me and him can hook it up and i will also definately be thinking about how i wish you were him except that you dont want to do me. i think all the time how hot and sexy it would have been to have had him knock me up right before school started this year and then i would be having his baby right after school ended this year but the best part would be that i would be pregnant with his beautiful black baby the whole fucking year and everybody would know it was his! of course he would keep doing me all along through school year and that would be hot but having his black baby all up in me the whole time would be sooooooo fucking sexy i dont know if i could take it!!! just thinking about it makes me fucking cream!!!!!

  • im a white 20f and its my main fantasy in life to have a black guy knock me up. im to afraid to really go out and get a black guy and have him get me pregnant but i want it sooooooooooooooo fucking bad and i think about it and i can say that its a real common desire among white females that i know. with the way you are and not being a thug you will get lots of babies from lots of different girls in that year you talked about not just one. they are going to totally fall in love with you. have fun...... :)

  • 25f here and i have the same fantsy. i fucking love blcak men and want there babies. all of them!!!!

  • That is a good age! You and I should have all the babies you desire.Just get in touch with me so we can get started.OP

  • I will give you all the black babies you want.OP

  • Thanks for replying and being so sweet. You should not look any further,let's just get together and get my dream and your desires to mate and produce something live and good.
    Thank God am not a thug...am even @ work right now. Am proud and blessed to be law abiding citizen.

  • It's truly unbelievable that all these white women are fawning over this idea. The original poster may be well-intentioned (albeit obviously self-centered), but these women need to look around them. Yes, we all see a whole lot of young white girls carrying black babies in their arms or pushing them in strollers, but how many of them do you see accompanied by black MEN? Nearly none. And that's because the fathers are all ducking out as soon as the act of conception (whether or not intended as conception) is over. They don't love white girls and they have no intention of starting or maintaining families with them. They just want a cheap, sleazy fuck and all these cheap, sleazy white girls are too willing to oblige in a cheap, sleazy way, and yet they still glorify and glamorize their interracial sex and its heat and intensity. It's insane, and it's ruining our families and our family system.

  • What you state here may sound right but I doubt it is. I believe there are many young white men making white girls pregnant and bailing out on them. I can’t argue this point well enough without looking up the numbers from some source.
    In my younger days, I spent over 10 years in what was then a predominantly white state. Then black people stated moving in from around the US and international. The whites and blacks stated inter-marrying or inter-breeding. Today most of those off springs are in there mid twenties with many more following; and my friends tell me they are everywhere-even in the smallest of towns
    One other thing I know, from reading, is that many white couples are seeking black men, and having kids with them and raising the kid(s) proudly. That trend is on the rise not just in the US, but in other affluent predominantly white countries. Look even how the Madonna’s of the world are going to Africa and adopting black children and raising them the way they please!
    I am not sure if such practices weaken family systems; I just know that there is nothing we can do to keep the races from inter-breeding.
    Divorce happens in all races, that factor alone weakens family systems just like unemployment, natural disasters, state laws and other policies. Post divorce or a birth, it is not just black men who fail to support their kids-it is men and women of all races. The women posting here represent the reality of our nation and cultures. One might find out that the unions created by the races inter-breeding strengthen family systems. When you go to a picnic area and see a family consisting of some Whites, Asians, Blacks and Hispanics, enjoying a meal while some White, Hispanic, Asian, Hispanic, and Bi-racial kids, in diverse skin conditions, are running around...it’s a beautiful blend and strengthens all those cultures. When most kids grow up, they tend to embrace both cultures or identify with some aspects of each culture.

  • The woman with the illegitimate children is right on the money: you're going to get more action with young white women than you can possibly handle.

  • From what I have seen on these replies,she was right and you are right.So many younger women seem to crave bi-racial children and demonstrate a very strong desire from the posts. I need one who is 18 or older and I am good:)OP

  • I wont necessarily call her children illegitimate but,I thought that she is totally right in the way she expressed herself. I just simply need one nice woman,to have one or two kids with and then I will retire from the baby making business. I could even get a vasectomy then:). I was discussing this issue with an Hispanic lady I know well. She is a year younger than I. She said I am out of my mind and need prayer.I told her I need a fertile woman to pray with me,lol.

  • If you were willing to stay involved with the woman and the child youd have a better chance of achieving your goal, but that doesnt mean that you wont get what you want or that you shouldnt try. i think you WILL get what you want and i totally think you should try. start going to bars on ladies night and just wait for them to start conversations with you so they can get in your pants. we all secretly want black lovers and we dont get as many chances as we would like to get with one. good luck!

  • Where can I find you? Very well said!

  • I'm a white guy and I can tell you that it's not easy competing with a black guy with white girls in their late teens to early 30s: all of them want to fuck black guys and they'll only go with us if a black guy isn't available.

  • im sorry but this is not the way children are supposed to be conceived and its not the way families are supposed to be formed and it doesnt matter how badly you want it or how badly all these women want you to give it to them

  • I know its not ideal or main stream.But am sure somewhere out there is a woman or couple in need of a baby or is willing to help me realize my dream. We both get what we desire and life goes on.I am cheaper than a fertility doctor or sperm bank-am free!

  • I have long and sad personal experience with fertility treatments and alternative methods of conception, and when it works, I supposed it's a wonderful realization of a dream, but when it fails, it is really a massive expense and an emotional nightmare. My husband and I attempted everything medically available and had no success, so here's what I did. I faked up a herbal remedy that I told my husband came from a library book, and had him drink it every day for a month. It was just a combination of fruit juice that I mixed myself; a placebo. During that month, I went out to bars in the afternoons while he was at work and picked up men at random and had them take me to nice hotels and screw me silly, never telling them what I was up to. I told them all that I was "taking the pill", which they assumed was birh control, but which was in fact just some left-over fertilaid, and by the end of the month, I was pregnant. With twins. My husband assumed it was the "pregnancy potion" he was drinking, and my lovers (none of whom I ever saw again) assumed I couldn't get pregnant, so no one was ever the wiser. I actually don't know who the biological father is, but I don't care: as far as I'm concerned, it's my husband. I got worn out, and broke, from the fertility treatments and so I just took matters into my own hands and, in essence, knocked myself up. You'll find someone in a similar position, though in that situation, you're going to be limited to black women, because even though a white woman would much prefer to have you fuck her, she could hardly pretend that her husband was the father. Best wishes!

  • I'm so interested to hear more about your life and story that I am taking a risk to give you my email so we can communicate more privately.You seem like the sort of person I would like to have as a friend.The other ladies and guys who have posted here or will be posting can use the email also. All I ask is that replies be cordial and respectful.I am doing this sincerely and honestly and as an adult,I expect those I deal with to be courteous and mature.This issue is very dear to me and if possible,I wont mind reading from all of you:).You all can write to me using hotmaildotcom email below.Just add the @ and the . where appropriate. Thanks.

  • I am glad you posted on how you actually got pregnant.Its a good thing you got twins,making them totally related.You were blessed.You had a wonderful plan and executed it right.
    I know of a lady, in another country,who has been married for 10 years,no kid.She has long suspected that her hubby has an issue.She confided in me last week that he has had ED for the whole time she has been with him(she has a child from previous relationship). As I write,she has met a married guy willing to get her pregnant.She has sort of hinted that to her husband and he seems excited.She has been trying for 3 months but is not pregnant yet.I gave her possible 6 months ovulation dates yesterday,based on her period start date,and I hope she gets knocked up.They cant afford fertility treatments.
    I agree with you in some ways.My best chance is to meet a single woman,a married woman with hubby's blessing or,a black woman,to be able to pull this off.
    I don't mean to pry but am curious; do you fear that the truth might emerge some day?.Do the kids look like dad or you? I hope you keep posting and thanks for sharing.

  • i dont think youll have much trouble finding a woman to do this. there are plenty of women like me whose husbands have ridiculously low sperm count and the gals get tired of going through all the fertility treatment bullshit and who finally just sneak off and find a man who can do the job without any medical help. i gave birth to two wonderful children that my husband and i both love dearly and are raising, and he has absolutely no clue that two other men fathered them for me. in my case, the other guys didnt know that they knocked me up, but that was just me. you might have a more difficult time connecting with a married gal if you want to stay involved with the mother and the child after knocking her up but there are single girls who can give you this dream too. its a very very hot idea you have and i know you can make it come true especially if you focus on youngish white females because so many of them actually WANT to have black babies.

  • She's right about some married women. Between the time I was 17 and 20 I very secretly fathered two children for an older woman who worked with my mom when her husband couldn't seem to get her pregnant. She called me her "secret sperm donor", but never told anybody about the arrangement. Only the woman and I know who the real father is, and even though we originally agreed to limit our relationship to just impregnating her, we both loved fucking each other so much, and we both loved cheating so much, that we kept seeing one another. She wound up getting her tubes tied after we aborted a third pregnancy because the first two children both looked exactly like me and she didn't want to risk having anyone connect the dots. That was 14 years ago and we still see each other two or three times a month and have the wildest and nastiest sex life imaginable. I'm married now and have two kids, but my wife can't hold a candle to the mother of my favorite children and my wife hasn't gotten as much of my dick as she has. I tell her all the time that my wife is "the other woman" in my life. There are women out there who need what you are offering, and you'll find several, I know it.

  • I am the original poster(OP) and these replies are getting to be many meanings its an interesting topic.
    I like your reply to the point of being jealous. You are having your cake and eating it too! You technically have two wives,4 kids n a fantastik sex life.
    I will take a deal like yours any day,though am not married or in a relationship presently.I always hear about guys like you finding women dying to be pregnant;I only find women who want sex and no babies. I may have to look in your town and be more proactive so as to mee next year's deadline,lol. Enjoy.OP.

  • I don't think it's all that rare, which is why I feel so sure you'll get what you need. I mean I do feel really lucky, especially to have the relationship I have with Arlene (my mom's friend): honestly, I value it much more than I value my marriage, since we went into it thinking it would be only for the babies and then found that we couldn't stop it. And not only can't I stop it, I wouldn't stop it, not ever, even if my wife found out and threatened divorce, and I've told Arlene that many times over the years, that she is my number one priority. Because you're not looking for LTR, I think you'll have better luck than me by a longshot.

  • You are so lucky I tell you. All I find is women who have already had their kids and just wanna fuck,just like the one I went out with to La Madeleine last night.While there,I came two white ladies came in for dinner,one skinny one medium build with a huge booty.I could not help but wonder how cute her daughter with me will look,I wanted to walk over and ask her for number so bad but controlled myself.OP
    On the other hand,if your wife divorced you,you may be miserable since you wont have access to Arlene any time you want.I am happy for you but sort of jealous,lol.

  • I'm a white middle-aged woman, and I probably shouldn't admit this to you or the rest of the group, but when I was reading down through your original post and your replies to others here (and which I heartily applaud you for doing: so many posters just provide an original confession and then vanish, without fleshing the situation out by continuing the dialogue) and came to the note about your seeing the two white women enter the restaurant, I flashed onto the fantasy of being one of them, seeing you slip away from your date and ease over to us and surreptitiously say something like, "I'm so sorry to intrude on you ladies' evening, but my date and I are going to be leaving in a few minutes and I wanted to come over and ask the two of you to meet me at that bar across the street in, say, two hours? My poor date is in serious need of a serious fucking that she can't get from her husband and I'm definitely the man for that job, but her tubes were tied a few years ago so she can't get pregnant, and I'd like to come back and pick the two of you up, take you to my place, and then KNOCK the two of you up. You don't need to answer: I'll be over at the bar by 10:30, and if you're there, we'll go make babies. Enjoy your dinner, ladies, and while I'm giving my date the fucking she needs, I'll be thinking of the two you, naked and fertile, and I'll be thinking of our children." I swear to God, dear, I think if a black male ever said anything like that to me, I'd leave my family behind and do whatever he wanted! Thanks for sharing yourself and your thoughts with all of us.

  • Ohh my goodness,that was extremely hot to read!.I had to read it twice just to make sure I understood you.I so thought about walking over to the ladies table and doing something like that,lol.Where in the world are you at?
    Thanks for getting me so excited and making me so wanting you this Christmas day.If I had to pic a Christmas present for myself,you would have been it:).Though I would not encourage you to leave your family behind,I would just want you to find enough time during your ovulation for us to fuck and get you KNOCKED up,and then you go back to the family and enjoy the pregnancy and the baby. How about that?

  • Ooooooooo honey, now that is soooooooo sexy, the way you write about taking me and my girlfriend while we're ovulating and then sending us back to our husbands to "enjoy the pregnancy and the baby". How about that, you ask? That is totally totally hot and filthy and I love it. My girlfriend Krissy is the girl I mentioned as being the second girl I would have been with in the restaurant you talked about, with she and I walking in while you were sitting with your white married date. Krissy would be the short petite skinny blonde, and I would be the brunette with the big round hot ass (and even hotter asshole). If you came over to us that way, especially after we'd had a few drinks to loosen us up, we would be fighting each other to be first to get on that hot long black dick and get that hot black baby in us. Krissy is wilder than I am (she's 22 and I'm 41, but we like hanging out and drinking together), and we met at work. And you're so right, it would be so completely sexy if you were dating both of us and making us track our ovulation cycles to be sure you were fucking us at the right times all the time to be sure you knocked us both up to send back to our husbands. The favorite thing you said was about seeing your genes spread out to other races and how much you love white women, and it made me think that if you said that to me and Krissy in that restaurant we probably wouldn't even have let you go back to your date: we would have made you dump that sorry tube-tied bitch and take us both somewhere RIGHT AWAY and get busy knocking our hot white asses UP!!! You make me wet. Jesus, baby, you make me wet.

  • Lol,I have been cleaning my apt and haven't read anything all day long this new years day.Its now noon and your reply is the best thing I have read all day and I am excited starting the year this way. I think you have a very erotic mind and you could make an excellent mother or lover.I am not sure where you and Krissy live but we need to hook up and have fun.When are you ovulating next? Email me babydad13 at hotmaildotcom.
    Happy New Year to Your Krissy,your families and all those enjoying this post.I wish you and all those who desire a gift of baby this year Blessings of Success:)

  • You have been very kind, sweet and honest. You have given me so much hope. I'm delighted things worked out for you. I'd spent money on fertility with an ex wife and I know how costly it is.
    The most amazing thing here is that although I could try and have a baby with a woman of any race I mostly want a kid or two with a non black woman (White, Hispanic, Asian, etc).Nothing bad with black women; I have kids with two of them. I just want to extend my genes to other races and, pull their genes to mine-simply for personal reasons. I have had this desire for years.
    I am a good dad too; I had custody of my first set of grown kids (daughters) and have joint with my second set (sons). You would not tell either from reading this but I am an educated guy, with multiple degrees and must achieve this goal.
    A white woman I know is married to a racist white husband with a low sperm count. She has waited for 7 years to have a baby with him. She finally got tired and he told her she could go find a white guy for sex and get pregnant. She told him donor has to be black. They fought about this for long and she got tired of waiting and fighting, found a handsome black guy last month, had sex with him, secretly, and got pregnant the same week. Now hubby told me he will raise the kid as his own. She already has a kid from another man, due to an affair she had when they were newlywed. I am so happy for her and for the man. He believes that there is no way black sperm can fertilize a white woman's eggs.Wrong!
    I wish you and I could talk privately via email. I prefer to have a baby with a couple or a financially secure woman, so that I don't have to worry about the baby's welfare. You were the ideal candidate for a guy with desires like mine. Personally, it’s up to what the woman wants. I have had sex with non-black women but, I have not found one willing to be knocked up.
    I may have to focus on younger single women?

  • i agree with what the older lady with kids said about younger women and whites expecially. im a 22yo single white female and i swear to god every time i see a white girl carying around a little black baby i always always always think now there is a girl who is getting laid the right way and i just get so jealous it just eats me alive. i also think that white women should be with black men and i date white boys even though i dont want them but i never have gotten with a black guy because my parents are racists and because all of the black guys i know are around my age and they ar all juts rude and mean and that doesnt interest me. my little sisters best friend in school has a black baby she got from a married black man even though she lied to her parents and said she got drunk at a party and had no idea who had gotten on her that night other than that it was several grownup men and they also dont know shes still seeing her black man and shes doing him and is in love with him and hes in love withher. her baby is beautiful and dark and i am so jealous of her and it kills me that she has found so much happyness in her life and shes still in high school! i hate her but im jealous too. not all of my gfs feel like i do but lots of them do so i think you will find what your looking for with a white girl.

  • Thanks for you kind words and insight. You are young but seem to know what your heart really desires. You are the kind of woman I need to find or have a baby with. Where are you at right now?
    I feel like leaving my email address for some of you ladies but I am not sure if those who run this site and some other folks will be offended or pissed off.I am tempted though. I think you and I should get together and fullfil our dreams.

  • I'll try to write more later, but for now just wanted to confirm your instinct about younger white women. As I mentioned originally, it is absolutely amazing how many young white women -- girls, really -- want to hook up with black men and have babies for them. And trust me when I tell you, with your attitudes, experience, education and erudition, you will have NO trouble finding them. NONE whatsoever. Why? Because your primary competition is a bunch of moronic street vermin who can't even spell their own names, and who have no life goals, sexual or otherwise. Once those white girls get a look AT you, and a taste OF you (particularly if you share the singularly sedeuctive trait most frequently assigned to black males), and realize that you're a mature man interested in pleasing them and not just yourself, those girls will be falling all over themselves to be the next one you knock up. You are in an enviable position, and I have no doubt you will get what you want: the larger problem will be how to limit the number of women waiting in line to take you between their white legs and keep you there. Bon appetit!

  • You are simply so sweet and encouraging.For my job,I work with children and adolescents with issues(so under 18).I mostly create quite and impression in some of these young people. I can't even dream of touching them, even after they turn 18 and beyond;because of the professional responsibilities.However,many boys and girls have asked me to be their step dad, girls have asked me to be their boy friend and all that. I decline politely and keep my job almost daily.
    Having a biracial child next year, or soon, will be the most appreciated blessing that could happen to me,the baby or the mother/parents of that baby.

  • An interesting idea!

  • I think it is an interesting idea...all I need is a willing female! Lets just do it Marshavon:)

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