Men with men

Are there any woman that would be turned on by seeing their man with another man. I know men like seeing two women together is it the same for a woman. I like to hear from you.

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  • I don't think I'd like to watch my husband with another man but the idea of two straight guys exploring bi-sex would be kind of hot. I wouldn't really be interested in watching two gay men as they already know what to expect.

  • Well I never thought I would, until I caught my husband having gay sex with our neighbor.
    I never would have guessed in a million years my husband was bisexual. He was a jock in high school, had full ride to MSU to play football. Now he's the gym teacher, and football coach at the high school in the town where we live.
    Well I work second shift a the local factory in town, I volunteered to go home early one day do to lack of work. When I got home the house was dark, except for the bedroom light. I went inside, figuring my husband was in bed. The bedroom door was closed I opened it slowly ,and there he was on his knees in front of our neighbor deep throating his cock. From what I could see his cock was at least two inches longer then my husbands, and twice as thick. I stood there in shock and watched, but the more I watch the hornier and wetter I got. I watched our neighbor slid his cock up my husbands ass with ease without any type of lube. By the time he blew his load in my husbands ass, my panties were soaked, I had cum at least twice.
    I slowly backed myself out of the doorway and went and sat in the living room in the dark, and waited form husband, and neighbor to come out of the bedroom. Well they came out hugged and kissed at the door, our neighbor left. When my husband turned around I turned on the living room light. I then watched my husband actually piss all over himself and the floor. That there made the night perfect. We have since talked about what happened, and agreed that the next time not only can I watch I can join in.

  • No.

  • My husband is bisexual and I watch him with other men. he likes to have me watch him get fucked. he is good looking enough that men are often willing to try gay sex with him. Once in Charleston SC and I watched him get fucked by two very good looking waiters from restaurant we had eaten dinner at. One was very well hung and drove husband crazy, giving me a few orgasms.

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