I love being cuckolded and sexually humiliated to the extreme

I am a straight, masculine guy. Decent looking, fit, and am well equipped to please the ladies. I also have had many sexually dominant and agressive women, since high school a decade and change ago, pursue me, and initiate. I enjoy pleasing ladies, so much i would do anything they desired sexually. I had booty calls, some of whom were married or had BFs. Often times, to hide the fact they came to me to play out fantasies, would have sex with their significant others. It was a turn on, they would come to me after being with another man. I also didnt mind giving them oral, or the sloppy seconds, i came to enjoy it actually, and so did they. Some enjoyed it so much they made a point of doing just that, because they enjoyed being with a man that would eat another mans cum, and my own, from their pussy. They loved that it turned me on to knowing they just had sex, and some would even brag about how much cum they have in them, and watch me, telling me to lick it up, asking me if i enjoyed how their man's cum tasted inside them, and such talk turned me on even more. Finally one decided she wanted me to watch her and another man, and she was loving humiliating me sexually. She had this black guy at work who kept flirting with her, and she told him he could have her anyway he wants, do what ever he wanted, if she could force me to watch and clean his mess up. He was down, and he loved it, she loved it, and i loved it. Eventually she started making me clean him off, then i had to fluff them, to me licking his balls as he pounded her, to her and him using my ass, and i enjoyed it all. Eventually, she and i started dating and then moved in together. By then we had a dozen guys for her, all over 9 inches long and very thick, as in her fisting me was a warm up. Then she started making me dress like a slut and grow my hair out long, get waxed, and act like a slutty woman for her sexual amusement. I loved only getting sloppy seconds, being snowballed, tasting other men when we kissed, and cleaning her out after numerous other men. I also enjoyed the times she would want to peg me and have her guys join in, she would have one do her as another was in me, and would orgasm hard as shit when i would clean her up, as a guy creamed my ass, and i would actually ejaculate feeling a massive cock throb and pulse and feel that huge load of hot cum deep inside.

I could only enjoy such things with a woman who dominates me, and makes me do such things and gets pleasure out of it. I am not attracted to men sexually, but i am willing to please a lady even if it means she wants to enjoy watching me be humiliated by enjoying receiving it from another man.

I have enjoyed being pegged since the third girl in HS i was involved with sexually, it was my sophomore year. She was by all accounts a total slut, and some mutual friends and i would gangbang her after school almost daily. She wanted to peg a guy, to see if men could enjoy anal, since she loved it. I enjoyed her pegging me so much, after the daily gangbang, she would peg me. Sometimes one of the guys would be banging her during it, and i would then return the anal favor to her. She snowballed me a few times, and i would kiss her and make out with her even after myself and several others gooped her face up well. I have always enjoyed slutty women.

I am now married to a sex worker who does fetish porn, and we live polyamorously with a TS porn actress, 3 guys, and another fetish porn actress. My wife loves watching the TS and i have sex, as her and the other guys go at it. The only time i bang a chick prior to anyone else is the TS lady, who is gorgeous, and she then bangs me with her massive she-dick. I only get my wife after others, and after i have been had by the TS or occasional guy she has use me. I love being the official house fluffer and bottom slave bitch, and am there to be used for the pleasure of others, and i love doing my job. I even service our cleaning lady, when she shows up in the morning after her and her husband had sex. I am a proud professional man whore, and love pleasing ladies, even if it means taking a dick.

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