Do woman like to watch guys jerk off?

3 months ago

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    • Yes I go on streamray to jerk off for women, I ask if they would like to watch me jerk off for them and they say yes and watch me the entire time and they usually start masterbating as well

    • Depending on lots of things
      The most important is you can't put all women in the category.
      I do like it? Yes.
      However, not in all situations!
      Let me give few examples
      If I'm in the club, I consider it normal
      I have seen one idiot in the park. I consider it pathetic.
      If my husband masturbates at porn, I feel strange like wtf.
      If he does it while I'm doing a sexy dance for him or something, I love it

    • My wife loves to watch guys jacking off. She will lay in bed with me early in the morning and have me jack my morning wood for her. She tells me how she wants me to do it. She has me playing with my balls makes me jack off slowly. She puts her head on my stomach and I can feel her breath she's so close to my cock. When I'm about to cum she puts her lips just on the tip of my cock and I cum in her mouth. Then she will kiss me with my cum still in her mouth. She says that it's so sexy doing this.

    • Some sure do . In my experience, most claim to want to see it, but, when you do, and shoot your load, they retch, and ask , "Do you do that often ? " and conclude you're a fucking pervert. Whatever, bitch !

    • Men keep showing us, wether we like it or not!

    • I was attacked by a bunch of sorority girls when I delivered pizza, they made me jack off for them.

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