JO to celebs

I absolutely love jerking off to my favorite celebrities in bikinis I cum so much when I jerk off the them, even when I just see one of my favorite celebs face I get hard and have to go and jerk off to them

1 month ago

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    • Super horney for Nicki Minaj!!!

    • Don't hardly see Fairuza Balk anymore, but she still push all the buttons. Sexy hot with that killer smile and melt-you eyes! She way too much . . . . Goddamn!

    • A few years ago when Tove L o had that song "Habits" that was such a big hit, and MTV was playing the video for it on television like all the time, every time I saw it starting to play, I would lie down on the sofa and masturbate to her like a freak. I couldn't help it. she was super sexy and beautiful. I wish she did more music. And I wish she did tours!! Damn and Goddamn!!

    • I want Charli XCX so effing bad it hurts

    • Yessir!! She not from this planet.

    • I like that Jena Malone so much

    • I'll go all in for Dua Lipa!! She fine AF!!

    • Billie Eilish for me

    • Megan Markle

    • Give me Miley Cyrus any day!!

    • Same here

    • This will seem like an odd choice because she's so bloody weird, but Kristen Stewart really lights my fires like nobody else.

    • I'm sure I'm older than the average bear here (44), but I have the extreme hots for Eva Longoria.

    • For me, that list has included and still includes ONLY Lindsey Lohan.

    • Lindsay hot as shit!!

    • And just

    • You mean Betty White

    • She 99YO!

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