Local cougar

So this woman I have been emailing for a couple of weeks tells me she loves me we have never met in person but she is a local insurance agent the first time I emailed her she sent me a picture of her tits I thought to my self that’s crazy but cool now she will not stop and cuss me out when I don’t respond right away what should I do

21 days ago


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    • Is she a freak? Does she get nasty in bed? Does she give road head?

    • You gave her your email and text. Now you question her? be straight and tell her if you like to continue or call it quit with her.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck.

    • Have you actually fucked her yet? Have you even been on a date with her? Your situation doesn't sound optimal, but we need more datapoints before we can rationally evaluate.

    • Wait so not an actual cougar
      She could be friends with Condor Wife

    • Tell her to back off or you'll call Jake from State Farm !

    • Love this!!

    • LOL!!

    • Tie her up and fuck her throat show her who's boss

    • Get the Hell away, or a whole lot of needy crazy madness will be coming your way. This ain't love.

    • ^This is exactly right^. Her persistence will quickly become pushiness and will turn to possession. You won't have a life of your own: you will only exist as her playtoy. Don't get me wrong: that CAN BE a joy, IF you're into it. But you may not be "allowed" to date other women, or go clubbing, or go to a concert or sporting event, or have dinner with a group of friends . . . . without her. You won't be able to look at another woman and certainly won't be able to have a booty call with a FWB or pick up a random chick in a bar or a party or at work and bring her home to shag. She will become impossible to break up with. Think, JODI ARIAS! It will never be as easy to end this as it is RIGHT NOW. That said, if you like to FUCK around the clock, and you love strong, mean, dominant, controlling, manipulative and bitchy older women, you've totally struck gold! If it was me, I'd FUCK the old bag until she was completely worn out from it and couldn't take no more. Be sure she's into ATM.

    • More like Jodie Arias grandma!!!

    • Decide what you want to do, and do that. You need to know what you are seeking.

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