Sister Amanda

Hi, my names Jacob, I have the sexiest little sister Amanda, and she keeps trying to get me to sleep over at her place. I know she wants to fuck me. She gave me head before when we were drunk. I think the next time I sleep over at her place, I am going to eat her pussy and make her cum all over the place! Shes only a year younger than me. I love her so much. I wanna fuck her and treat her like my queen. I am going to record her giving me a blowjob and us fucking on her bed.

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    • It is estimated that incest occurs in 3-5% at any given time. That is 3 to 5 families in 100 families!
But over 97% of those incest cases are between an adult and a underaged child!


If incest occurred at the full 5% then with 97% of incest occurring with a child! That leaves 0.15% of adult and adult incest happening at any giving time!


Incest is going down due to it being much harder to commit incest without getting caught! 
DNA and genealogy being a big part of it,

    • Soooo let me get this straight.

      Using just USA stats: by YOUR numbers, 4% of the 128 million American families, there are 5,120,000 active incest cases going on *right now*.

      AND YET anyone who writes in here with incest is bullshit and making it up.


    • First show me where in my posts I stated incest posts are fake! I believe 99.999% are but I did not state that until now!

      Because 97% of that incest that is happening is between an adult and a severely underage child! Female child the most then male child!

      Using your math 5,120,000 cases of incest happing now and since 97% is with an adult and child. That means 4,966,400 severely underage children are being raped and molested Sicking isn't it!

      That leaves about 153,600 adult incest happening at any time In the country. That is a small amount of adult incest and a horrific amount of child incest! To even promote incest at all, is a severe insult to the 4,966,400 children living in hell!
Child victims of incest, 25.6% of them had attempted suicide, 52.0% had suicidal ideation, and 23.6% have killed themself's!

      With 23.6% suicide rate then the 4,966,400 children living in hell from incest!
      1,172,070.4 commit suicide some time in their lives because of incest!

      To promote incest is like stomping on the hearts of all those children going though hell

    • I have a sister named Michelle. When we were younger she was the town slut. She fucked all my friends. It really embarresed me. One night I came home early from a party. I left the party when a friend of mine showed a video of him and two other guys running a train on my sister. I was so embarrassed I went home. Michelle was home when I got there. I went to her room and started bitching about what I saw. She smiled grabbed my hands and put one on her tit and the other on her ass. Before I knew what was happening I was feeling her up. She

    • Fuck you asshole

    • If she wants to fuck you, as you guess, then talk to her expressing all your kinks and fetishes you have. Then the rest should be easier for both of you. You both are grown up and sex with mutual consent should be ok. Thinking of incest turns me on ....

    • And the Mighty anti incest warrior is straight onto the case, our hero.

    • Jacob, you need to get out more, there are other options.

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