Stepdaughter Lazy

I will admit that my stepdaughter is lazy as fuck, but she is hot as fuck too. Her mother, my wife has never made this girl do a damn thing in her life. She puts on the "I'm so cute" face and everyone gives into her every demands. It's really quite sickening and I can't stand it, never have. Only reason I tolerate her is because she has a hot fucking ass and nice tits.

I married her mother when she was in highschool, sophomore year if memory serves me right. She was a little bitch then, and still is at 22. She so lazy she refuses to work a job, but she's such a bitch, no man can stand to date her very long. She's a hard 10, I'll give her that, so she's too good to date a guy any less, even one who would put up with her shit.

Her dad, poor tucker, has bought this girl every one of her cars. She's wrecked 5 since since she got her license. Too bad he doesn't have enough money to buy her a place to live, but anyway, she wrecked the 6th car he bought her. She ran over something and knocked a whole in the oil pan. So her dad was pissed and refused to buy her another one.

She had been begging me to buy her a car, to which I refused. Long side story short, my wife, her mother is in debt to me because I caught her fucking around. She agreed to let me fuck anyone when the time came. I told her ANYONE, and she agreed. So after two horrible weeks of this girl fucking nagging on everyone or anyone to buy her a car, I remember this agreement with my wife. I'm sitting in the garage when my stepdaughter again is bitching about the car. I tell her I will buy you a car of you let me fuck you. She is so shocked she threatens to tell her mother. I tell her go ahead and explain my agreement with her mother. She thinks about it for a minute and then demands a brand new car for a blowjob. I tell her know, the deal is you have to let me fuck you full naked with me finishing during penitration for every $1,000 toward a car. So you want a $1,000 car, it's sex one time. You want a $20,000 car it's sex twenty times. She shook her head and stormed off.

Two days later she came back and said she would do it for a $10,000 car. I told her payment in full first. So I been fucking her every Friday night for the last month. I'll be fucking her again tonight while her mother goes out with her friends. Stepdaughter tried to be a bitch and tell me her mother was probably fucking some other guy while she was out. I shut her up real quick when I told her I didn't care. She probably wasn't fucking someone as hot as I am.


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  • LOL !!! You're so hot that your wife fucked some other schmo , and you had to make an arrangement to fuck your entitled gold-plated cunt of a stepdaughter ! Oh yeah, HOT and WINNING, you pathetic mook !

  • Damn, she better be some good fucking pussy for a grand.

  • Buddy you have been taken for a fool she twisted you around her little finger just like her father. You should be having her fuck, blow and particularly do anal for max $200 per session as you request before and after she gets her car and not only Friday night

  • My deal for her would be $200 for any given 24 hour period where I could have her suck me, fuck her or do her in the arse as much as I wanted also her Mother would need to go to the spare bedroom when I wanted to sleep with the little bitch.

  • Not too good a deal you would have been able to easy get the same if you made it $200 a time include fuck and suck.
    I think she has you by the nuts but its fantastic her Mother knows your rooting her, hope she is on the pill.

  • Right. He's paying too much. I'd say $400-$500 max. He deserves to get more pussy for his money.

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