Cruise on Mediterranean

Well, I’m not a writer yet I had an amazing experience and I wish to share it.

So this is how it starts

I my wife and 2 very god friends of us went for holiday in a Mediterranean cruise. It was all amazing the boat, the cabins the first 2 days that we spend where all laughters and joy.
On the 3 rd day we got to spend it on a Greek island, while on the island we walked upon a nude beach, and we all agreed that will be fun to have the experience once in a life time. It was really uncomfortable at first but after a few drinks and seeing the others how relax they are it became “normal “ we actually enjoy it.
The strange part was later that night.
Our cabins had a shared door, so we could spend time together
At around 12:30 our friend opens the door and whispered if we’re asleep, my wife thought I’m sleeping and let her in.
She was very agitated and started to explain to my wife that she and her boyfriend had a huge argument, as her boyfriend got jealous while we are at the nude beach (accidentally Elena touched my dick )and then she kept talking and she said to my wife that she wants to apologise for doing so and she admits that it wasn’t an accident but she was just to attract it.
They got a bottle of wine and kept talking but I think over 90% was about my cock.
It we really difficult for me to keep pretending that I’m asleep, but it was getting really interesting.
At one point my wife is like so you want to see his dick again?-and smile
No answer but I guess she noted yes.
As my wife removed the bedsheet I was covered with .(I’m always sleeping naked )
And then my wife whispered again come touch it but gently don’t woke him up I will never be able to explain.
She got her hands on my balls and really gently took my cock in her mouth.
As it passed about 1 hour of them talking and I was so excited about it soonest she took my dick into her mouth I got hard and some pre cum cum come out. I heard her saying gosh is delicious can I please keep doing it.
I guess my wife got turned on by that because she answered like really excited yes please suck his amazing cock.
In my mind was JACKPOT!!!
And I prepared that I’m about to awake.

That scared them I don’t understand why , Elena quickly hide and my wife took over , and suck me for a few minutes and then asked me to return the favour, while licking her pussy I heard the door as Elena left back to her cabin and jealous boyfriend.

I didn’t got the 3some that night but it was one of the wildest sex night I had with my wife , she was a best.

For the next 4 days we where together we pretended like nothing happened, but every now and then I was allowing my self to be caught naked or hard by Elena, and she returned the favour once or twice:)

We back on land now and life keep going on.

This is how it started… but is not the end

3 months ago

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    • Something similar happened to me. My wife's friend is gay and she let him do that to me. I was awake longer than they knew but I just rolled with it. I never returned the favor and can't/won't take his ass but since then I do get regular blow jobs from him now. I can't confirm that guys give better BJs (all bjs are great) but I basically have regular bjs from my wife and her friend though never at the same time. For some reason she's ok with it but only him. Its weird.

    • Makes me wish I was friends with your wife.

    • Well, when I finished the story I mentioned that is not the end .we kind of repeat it few weekends after coming back home . We where in lockdown so no one was allowed out after 11 pm
      We been to bar from 8 to 10:30 . Witch was enough for us to get tipsy.

      I come up with the idea that we’ll Cary on at our home . Both Elena and my wife agreed.
      Elena’s boyfriend had to work the next day so he left.

      At home we had a few more drinks and talk about anything and almost everything .

      I opened the subject saying that our experience in cruise was great and we should arrange a new holiday somewhere the 4 of us .

      They start smiling and my wife turned a bit red when ELena said “is always amazing when the man sleep but the cock is hard “

      I play like I didn’t got the message and blame the alcohol , told her that she makes no sense but is normal after as many drinks as she had .

      That didn’t worked well for me as she felt uncomfortable and shy, she went to the bathroom .
      On this time I started kissing my wife and I asked her to suck me like really quick.
      Few minutes after we hear the door I moved away and managed to pul up my pants (it was mainly reflex as if would have time to think I wouldn’t dress up)
      Elena comes and her shirt is all wet , she asked my wife to barrow a T-shirt or something, at witch point I suggest to
      My wife to bring her a pair of short pants or something also in order for her to be comfortable.
      Ellena removed her shirt and try to put the T-shirt on , but my wife start laughing and she’s like. You gonna keep a wet bra under a dry T-shirt?
      As I wasn’t there (again) she just took of the bra revealed her boobs but quickly put the T-shirt on.
      Her skin was wet and the T-shirt took the form of her body making her boobs so visible and her hard nippels where like with no T-shirt.
      We keep drinking and talking, but I was to hard way to horny , all my jokes where sexual at this point.

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