Wish I had her back sometimes

This girl I dated in my 20's was a lot of fun. We drank, partied, smoked weed, and had sex, lots of sex. She didn't have any problems doing anything sexual and in most cases, was more crazy than me when it came to doing sexual shit. Seriously, I could dare her to do just about anything, and she would have done it. We had sex almost everyplace imaginable. We fucked on the car along side the interstate. We fucked in Walmart. We fucked in a plane at 37,000 feet. We even fucked at a nice restaurant, although that time was very quick and neither of us got off. Yes, if we've been there, odds are we fucked there too. And yes, we had been caught many times, and yes we had even been arrested a few times. We also had sex with other couples, as well as played sex games. Then I decided to grow up and get a technical degree. That was the start of the end. We started fighting a lot after that, and we both finally ended it when I got my career job. Enter girlfriend who would become my wife, she is no where near as dirty and sexually adventurous as my ex. We have never so much as had sex outside our house, let alone someplace in public. I'm lucky she has sex with me on vacation. Other than her lack of sexual adventure, she and I are perfect. She's a perfect mother to our children, and she's a perfect wife to me, but sometimes I miss the sexual fun I had with my exgirlfriend.

3 months ago

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    • I started dating a bartender from a strip club about 10 years ago. I wish I was still seeing even more beautiful now . Best fuck ever would love sucking and cleaning my cock after I nuted in her or would tell me pull out right before I came so she could swallow my babies. One day guided my cock in her as must of been a virgin ass cause I ripped her entry started bleeding.

    • Miss mine too. But she was crazy!!! Seriously miss the highway blowjobs!

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