Mother and Daughter CB Queens...

I had an experience quite a number of years ago I'll never forget. It was back in the 70's when CB radios were popular. I was working second shift and when I'd get off work I'd ride around talking on my radio and drink a few beers. I was in my early 20's and was married and we were into swinging. But my wife was going to school and had to get up early so I'd stay out and unwind so I could go to sleep when I got home and not bother her. There were lots of regulars on the radios most every night I'd gotten friendly with. But lately I'd been hearing 2 girls who claimed to be sisters and it looked like they really got off talking shit to truck drivers passing through. And at times got pretty explicit with them as to what all they'd do for them if they ever met.

They'd always been talking on a base station and never said where they were. But they had just bought a new car and couldn't help but talk about it being a brand new white mustang with blue stripes. And occasionally you'd hear them on late at night since they got the car and you knew they were on a radio in the car as it sounded totally different. I'd normally ride around in the county since I was drinking even though I'd only drink a couple of beers. But one night I could hear them doing their usual thing of messing with truckers. And could tell they were in a car and suddenly the signal was getting stronger & stronger. Then there going the other way was a white Mustang with blue stripes and a huge CB antenna on the back. As if got farther away the signal got weaker. So I had no doubt it was them.

I'd never really spent much time talking to them because they stayed busy flirting with truckers. But I'd had brief chats just saying hi or talking about the weather and stuff. The road I'd seen them on went in kind of a circle so I knew where they'd probably come out and knew I could get there first. Sure enough I saw them again. This time I'd pulled out behind them and was keeping away so they wouldn't notice me. And it didn't take long until I saw them pull in a driveway to a house with a huge CB antenna on the roof. I was passing as they went in and only saw them from behind. Both of them were slender blondes and were dressed pretty sexy to be riding around talking on their CB radio. I'd assumed it must be their parents house since they were sisters and since you heard them at all hours day or night they obviously didn't work.

So The next few nights I started talking to them but not letting on I knew where they lived. And I'd even ride by their house during the day to check them out. So finally after I'd kind of gotten them use to me on the radio and had gotten them to start talking trash to me like they did truckers I was getting into it. I'd talked to both of them and they'd gotten really explicit as to what they'd do if we hooked up. And it was always as a threesome, both of them and a guy. So I finally started to try and see if they were all talk or not. Then one night when we'd been getting kind of hot in our conversation. I asked if I could come over? They said sure if I could find them they'd rock my world. And I said well there won't be some guy coming out with a shotgun telling me to get away from his girls was there. And they said no that they were all alone that night.

So told them I was on my way just give me the address. They said that wasn't part of the deal but if I could find them I could have them. I could tell that it really surprised them when I pulled in their driveway and said I'm here and blew my car horn. They sounded shocked and I told them if they didn't want me to come in I wouldn't but they said no for me to come in. Once inside the older one was asking a lot of questions about how I'd found them and if I knew a guy named Ray. But once she heard my story she relaxed and started being as suggestive as she had been on the radio and seemed to like what she saw. Her name was Susan and she called out Tammy. They were both hot but Susan looked a lot older than Tammy but still looked great.

They were both blonde and had blue eyes and really hot bodies. Though Susan looked like she had a few miles on her. But Tammy was a real hottie. We went into the living room and they sat on either side of me and I started going back and forth making out with them. I was kissing them and fondling their tits and they were rubbing my cock through my pants. Then Tammy undid my pants and pulled my cock out and started giving me an amazing blowjob and Susan had me sucking her tits. Soon we were all naked and they both took turns going down on me as I'd be working on the others tits & pussy with my mouth. Then Susan said I could fuck either of them but I had to wear a condom if I was going to fuck Tammy. But Tammy just looked so fucking hot I had to chose her and she lead me to her room and she was one of the best fucks I'd ever had. After we finished she said she'd go get me a washcloth. She'd never turned on the lights and it was just light from the hall. But my eyes had gotten used to the low light and I started looking around and saw a school jacket but it was from a junior high school.

So I turned the lamp on and the room just didn't look like a 19yo which was what she'd said she was so I looked around more and I knew something was off. She looked shocked when she returned and saw me looking at the Jr high jacket that had that year on it. And it freaked me out when she said "mom" you might want to come in here. Susan saw the jacket I'd been looking at and said she could explain. It turned out they weren't sisters but mother and daughter and Tammy wasn't 19 but was 15. And Susan was actually 32 and the guy she'd asked if I knew Ray was her husband and Tammy's step dad and he was a truck driver who was gone more than he was home. Susan had been using the CB and her daughter to hook-up with guys. But had never had one come to their house. She met almost always truckers passing through who only knew their CB handles and had sex in their sleepers or in motel rooms.

I found out later that they sometimes charged the guys for sex and she could charge a lot more for them to fuck Tammy, though she always said she was 18 or 19 and that's how they bought the new car and lots of expensive clothes and stuff like that. To look at Tammy even after knowing her real age she still looked to be at least 18-19 years old. I'd promised not to tell anyone because I didn't want to get caught up in any of that. And I stopped hearing them on the radio. But about a year later I heard that when Susans husband was home for a few days Susan had got him drunk and horny then made up an exchuse to leave for a while and Tammy seduced him and the had him on video with Tammy sucking him off and him fucking her and it didn't have sound and when he didn't see her face she pretended she was being raped.

He'd had a sexual assault charge when he was 18yo and when Susan showed him the tape he knew he was screwed and gave her everything he had and even sold his truck and went to work for someone else. And they moved to another city.

28 days ago

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    • I came from the CB era! And that was pure bull shit! Try again with something you know about!

    • It was an excellent scene and well-constructed, regardless of the very few (and meaningless) liberties taken with the science of radio waves and the then current equipment and such. Nice!

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