Girlfriend said i want you to eat your

Me and my girlfriend are young and trying out new things . One night Tammy says while were are fucking that she has taken a lot of cum down her throat , and she said tonight you will eat yours or get the fuck off ..
So as i was about to cum she said shoot it on my tits , i came a lot and shot a lot on her and she scooped it up and said get down here , and said open ,and slid her cum filled finger in my mouth and said suck it .
Tammy says how was that ,now you know what it tastes like . I said eh .
She said now lick the rest off me so i did and kind of really liked it . She said how was it ? I said its ok .. So a week goes by and here we are again alone at my parents house she says i want you to try something , but first lets fuck for a while ,so we did , she said cum in my mouth then laydown ,so i did and she kissed me and dropped all my cum in my mouth.and she's moaning oh yeah boy .eat that cum .She now loves the fact i have eaten my own cum and now its almost a must . I cum on her pussy and she says eat your cum off me . So i lick her pussy clean everytime . She will also have me jerkoff in my car in the park ,cum in her hand and i have to lick it clean . Im actually liking it .

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  • I was a complete slut when I went to high school, I went to high school in the 1970s. When I was a young slut you didn't have to worry about STDs, as long as you were on birth control pills every thing was fine. I would go to parties that I knew would be all guys and get gangbanged, or suck as many cocks as I could get my lips on. I would try and swallow every drop of cum I could. My record is 17 guys one after another at a house party. I was in a bedroom laying naked on my back, after a guy came in me I would put my legs straight up in the air with my hands on my hips to support my legs, I was trying to keep all the cum inside my pussy. I liked the feeling when a guy cums inside me When I walked home after being gangbanged, I had to squeeze my pussy lips together with my fingers so all the cum inside my pussy wouldn't run out. When I was a block away, I let go of my pussy lips, as I walked home cum was running out of my pussy and down my legs all the way home. I took a lot of cock in my high school and college days, I would fuck almost any boy who wanted to get fucked, I loved being a slut and I have know regrets about anything I did sexually. I changed my life style when I met my husband at a college party.

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  • You need to get her fucked by another guy then eat his cum from her pussy. Then take the next step and take it right from the source she would be so horny for that

  • True my wife was fucking other guys and when she got home I ate there cum and then deposited my cum in her and ate my cum and the guy she ducked

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