Tammys second try

After her first guy we talked about the things that had gone wrong and we worked on them she agreed to di it again and we had fun planning it she would have to wear slacks so he would have to undress her this time instead of just wham bam thank you man like the first time and we agreed on them doing some foreplay to drag it out a little because the first guy just laid her back Fucked her in a rush and lasted only a couple minute before he got his nuts hen he hurriedly left.

Mom was again pleased to have the grandkids overnight and I wondered what she would do if she knew she was watching the kids so I could watch her fuck another guy .

We had picked another bar this time and Tammy was wearing her cowgirl outfit with her hat and slacks and cowgirl boots and she looked like a Barbie doll as I took her picture before leaving the house and on the way over we went over the rules again so maybe this time she would be able to orgasm to instead of just him Tammy is a good cunner when she gets off and I wanted to see her get off with another guys dick in her.

She was excited when I dropped her off again and she kissed me crossing her fingers saying wish my luck babe and I heard the blast of music when she opened the door to go in.

I waited a few minutes and I hurried in taking a table so I could watch the dance floor and Tammy was sitting at the bar talking to a guy the next stool over then he took her hand and they made their way to the dance floor and for the next hour I watched guys drag her out to dance and she was having a great time then she picked her man another older guy that tried his best to appear a gentleman but after a couple dances he was mauling her breasts and clutching her ass cheeks pulling her up against his cock .
I wasn't surprised when Tammy looked over at me with a cute smile and turned her empty glass upside down on the table as she was led out to the dance floor .

That was our signal that she was going to take him home so I quickly stood to and made my way out to the car and hurried home making my way to the walk in closet and began to wait but it wasn't long before I could her them talking as they came up the stairs,

When they came into the room they stopped in plain sight and she was pulled into his arms and they stood there kissing for a long time then his hands began to wander over her breasts and her hand slipped down to his crotch cupping his balls in her hand I could hear them sucking on each others tongues and they were both breathing heavier now as Tammy pushed back ad said WOW her hands were nervously twisting in front of her and he whispered in her ear as he began to unbutton her blouse and Tammy laughed a little breathlessly then she shrugged her shoulders as her blouse fell to the floor her nipples were hard I could see them through her flimsy bra and she quickly in that disjointed way women have she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra but she held it up against her breasts teasing him until he grabbed it and tossed it across the room then he pushed her back on the bed and pulled her boots off one at a time as he watched her breasts wobble back and forth as Tammy laid back and unbuckled her belt and opened her slacks then she raised her ass so he could pull them off both of them were very excited and I could hear their harsh breathing as Tammy's slacks hit the floor and He started to undress as Tammy raised her ass again and pushed her panty's down and scooted her feet out of them watching him undress
I heard my wife gasp her eyes wide then I looked he was only about 5 feet away from me and his cock looked huge at least a couple inches longer then my 6 inches and it was thick and she whispered it,s beautiful setting up and taking his cock in her hands and stroking it lovingly then with her tongue she teased his piss slit and he growled and pushed her back onto the bed and worked his finger into her pussy and Tammy gasped at his penetration and he began to finger her faster until I could hear the sloppy sound as she began to produce lube and she reached up to him and said I want you in me Opening her legs wide for his entrance.
He moved in between her legs and lowered his body to her but he was having trouble finding her opening as she reached between them guiding his cock then she said in a husky voice thickened by lust there right there.
and I watched his cock head open her up and Tammy gave a thrust off the bed and impaled herself on his cock The guy also sighed as his cock sank into her then they just laid their savoring the sensations for several seconds until Tammy pleaded fuck me baby fuck me and he cried out and began to jam his cock into her like a jackhammer frantically and Tammy had her arms and legs wrapped around him clinging to him then he began to grunt as he thrust into her and Tammy began to chant don't cum yet don't cum yet I'm almost there don't chum yet then her body began to match his thrusts and she cried out as she orgasmed her tiny fists clenched tight and her toes were tightly curled also as she began to babble nonsense as her body bucked underneath him and then with a mighty thrust he gruntd HA HAAA ugmph and his body was rigid and strangled sounds came from his throat they laid there like this for long seconds then he began to move again in determined strokes and he came a second time as Tammy began to laugh gleefully in her musical voice pulling his ass cheeks holding him inside of her.

Then I realized that I had cum in my pants watching them but I sat there with slimy shorts to see if they would do it again and he had rolled off my wife and they were talking a little breathlessly as Tammy captured his cock in her hand and stroked him slowly.
She asked can you get it up again and he admitted that he was probably used up but Tammy would not have that so she went down on him sucking is cock and balls to bring some life back into it and after they did this for about 15 minutes his cock at least filled with blood but was nor hard as Tammy said mind if I use this for awhile and she raised above him and lowered her pussy to his cock and she moved her hips from side to side a she settled on his cock laughing playfully as she began to move on his cock sliding back on his lap then forward using his cock as a dildo hey talked and laughed as she used his cock making slurping sounds with his slimy cum all over their pubic areas until she grinned and said my my I think I can do it then she became quiet and she closed her eyes moving faster and faster with the slurping sounds his cock made with her breasts swinging in circles above his face.
Tammy opened her mouth and began to whimper now as her orgasm neared grunting softly with each stroke then she moaned loudly and fell forward on his chest Gasping for breath and the guy I later learned his name was Jeff patted her back and talked softly to her as she came down from her orgasm .
Then He quickly dressed and kissed her goodbye.
It was my turn now and I could get it up again.


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  • I'm 34 my wife is 26.Im pretty lucky as she is young and hot and I realise it more and more when other guys are checking her out.The thoughts of sharing her came up pretty early in our relationship,she was 21,young,sexy,horny and naive I explained my needs and she was happy to do these things for our relationship.Early on we had threesomes and I couldn't believe how hot it was just sitting back and watching her enjoy another cock in her.She was 22 and we stayed at a friends near the beach for 2 weeks in that summer.She knew from day one that she was gonna be fucked alot.What began as threesomes turned into me watching my big dicked friend fuck my girl over and over.I sat next to them watching his big cock pull out then disappear into her pussy.Nowadays now that we're married its been hard convincing her to fuck someone else,she said it would have to be very worth it.But she finally gave in when I introduced her to my black friend I hadn't seen in a while.She now cannot get enough of bbc.

  • Nice story. I’m sure they’re are many married wives and committed ladies who are not happy sexually one bit and would love to feel a real cock inside of them.
    I bet they wish they’re hubby would love to see them take a real mans cock as they watched from the sideline. Women will deny size doesn’t matter... that is until they feel that much bigger cock deep inside that pussy stretching their vagina walls. I have spoken to many women I dated about size and all want a man with a nice sized cock.Guys with big cock that know how to use it make women go crazy. Guys with bigger than average cocks makes a girls pussy want it over and over more. I found this so true

  • Tammy freely admits that bigger is better but she is not picky and I have watched her cum on all sizes of cocks.
    Tammy is a tease and I love to watch her in action. Once she only let the guy stick his cock head in her pussy and made him jack off until he came and O loved that.

  • Great story

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