It is a son’s job to help his mother when she is in need.

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with doing whatever it takes to insure your mother is happy, healthy, and taken care of when she is In need. Isn’t it said that the son becomes the man of the house when father isn’t around. That said it was an average morning for a typical teenager as usual I woke up with morning wood, so like yesterday I rubbed it out dreaming of Tammy my moms best friends daughter and former baby sitter when I was 7 She’s now 25 and I’m 16 but I have always had a thing for older women and she was so hot. Blue eyed Blonde/red hair to her mid back 5’6, 130lbs, handful size tits long intoxicating legs that could only make a perfect ass of themselves , well that night my mom, her mom Julie and she had went out clubbing. Around 1:30 am when I hear mom and Tammy coming through the door. I was asleep on the couch, I hear mom going to her room and telling Tammy good night as she headed for the bathroom, I was falling back asleep, I awake again when I smell Tammy’s sent close. I opened my eyes looking up and seeing my fantasy coming true. Tammy was bare ass naked starting to straddle my face and stick that heavenly blonde patch dripping her nectar onto my lips saying “ David, I need you to Make me Cum! PLLease! I need it so badly, grinding the soft slick petals of her vulva on my chin as my tongue lashed at her Clit, wrapping my lips around the bulb with a sucking action flipping and dragging my tongue on the man in the boat she started shaking as it hit, yesssssss, she hisses to a sigh, looks down at me with a look of being very impressed that I knew how to pleasure a woman with my mouth. “Now fuck me” she ordered laying on her back and rapping her long slender legs to put the heels of her feet into my butt cheeks and pulling me into her. Aiming my throbbing man meat to the entrance I lifted her hips and pulled her to me she got wide eyed as my girth was stretching and filling her and hitting bottom. “OMG, that is so much more that I was expecting”. Sinking my cock as deep as it can, rotating my hips as I pulled back to the head helmet just inside I could fell her pussy mussels tightening to grip the head, she was not going to let it loose and I piston it back and forth in a hard steady rhythm she starts beginning to keep it up “That’s it, don’t stop, hold it, please don’t cum yet I beg you.” And I kept up the tempo, after a good 10-15 minutes I started to get that feeling I’m close so I slowed my thrust and kinda change the tune to a more passionate long glide pressing our bodies tighter together and moving my lips to her throat and grabbing her hair biting her neck. “I’m almost there don’t cum yet, don’t cum yes iiiii, hold please almost therrrr, cum now give it to me ahhhhhhh,, you did it, thank you, OMG you are so good, and she collapsed into a lifeless daze breathing hard but passing out and I slide off to my side still holding her close pulling my blanket to cover us I fall fast asleep.
It was about a week and a half later same as last time morning wood damn I wish Tammy was here, oh well. I rubbed it out, I got up and was headed to the bathroom, my room was across the hall directly to my moms room. When I opened the door looking in her room the door was wide open, light on and she was laying on her side in the fetal position with her back to me, top leg was a little to the front of her. She was bare ass nude, with the way her leg on in front of her I could see her pussy was in clear view, my mom is a very attractive woman of 42 4’11” maybe 120lbs stacked huge tits ( I like smaller tits but it is what it is) long blonde from a bottle. I went to pee and came back just outside the door thinking as a primal male pack animal this female is presenting she is inviting me to have her and my hand already had my dick out and was trying to get it hard I stood looking and started questioning her intentions Was my instinct correct, does she want me to fuck her, I have seen my mom nude before as she changed clothing, never like this, but she could have just passed out after master baiting, oh shit how would she react if I did get up there and til try to penetrate her and I’m wrong? Oh shit what if she turns over and sees me jacking my dick to her and I’m wrong? And I chickened out closed her door and went on with the day. Thinking hard about what I saw all day. She stayed in there all day or until I left and was still there when I got back. Later that night about 11pm I was watching tv when she came out, she looked sad but stood in front of me and asked me if I would let her see my dick, she said she needed a dick so bad and dating wasn’t going to well lately( I didn’t know it then but She had hit The age of extremely high hormones that can push a woman over the edge) I was not about to deny my mother so I pulled it out. She dropped to her knees a grabbed it at the base and it swelled instantly wrapped her lips around it sucking down until her nose was touching my pubs rolling her tongue around as she slid it out licking the tip and back down. It only took a few bobs up and down and I could not control myself and I blew a gob of cum in her mouth she kinda choked trying to swallow it. I said “I’m sorry but this was my first blow job and it was from my mom”. She said “ it’s ok, you are right I shouldn’t have done that insist is wrong and she stood up looking more sad than ever, I said “ that’st thre not what I meant, I was so turned on by it I couldn’t hold it back. But she just walked back to her room. I sat there for a minute gathering my thoughts, I got up and went to her room she was lying on her stomach face buried in her pillow I laid next to her rubbing her back and told her that there is nothing wrong with a son helping his mother get through a hard time in her life and if it was then why Is it ok for 4 legged animals like cats, dogs, even bears do it to insure survival of the species, it’s not like I’m trying to breed with you just helping you get the release you very much need”. “So I believe it is your turn.” I slid my hand under her waist, grabbing the button on her pants and pulled trying to turn her over as the button came loose but she was a little reluctant so I hooked my fingers at her waist pulling and shimmied her pants off. Pushing her legs apart to open her from behind, licked my fingers and rubbed them on her clit she let out a soft moan, then I pulled her up at hips to bring her to her knees, her face still in the pillow I slide her legs more apart slid my head between them rose to clit and attacked that button like I was a mad man. She started rocking forward and back mashing her mound into my mouth, after a few seconds she was making more of an effort and rose off the pillow to be straight up and grabs the back of my head pulling my face and holding me as she grinds and bucks on my tongue. She shutters Jolts spasmodically then lets go of the back of my head and says she heard Tammy the other knight and was proud of me that I make the effort to consider the woman getting her too. She lifted off me like we were done, “silly woman” I said as I pushed her face back into the pillow. “I’m not done with you just yet, it’s time I give you what you really want. “ I slid it in balls deep, got to my feet push my body forward so I was standing hovered over her ass pushing the bulk of my cock tight against the top of the tunnel wall putting pressure on her g spot ( at least that is where Tammy said hers was) I began to pound, placing my hand at the back of her head and grabbing a tight grip hand full of hair just holding it there as I rode my mothers ass like a jockey in the last turn at the Kentucky derby. She let out Scream of pleasure, then said in a heavy labored pant “ nobody has ever fucked her like this before, OMG this is wonderful, OMG who, howww, OMGawddddd, I’m cummming I’m cummimmmmmmmfuck me you can fuck me any time, babbbby boy fuck meeeeeeee. Awwwwwwwwwwgggggg, I shot jet after jet of my hot seed deep into the very womb I was made and I think it was one of the best fucks I have ever had. Next time I’m going to tell you how I had my first threesume withTammys mom Julie and her collage roommate as my mom and Tammy watched.

17 days ago

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    • So im a 17 year old guy and my mom just remaried this guy named john. Im gay but she doesnt know that. One day i got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, i sleep naked and i didnt think that anyone was awake so i walked upstairs with my 8 inch dick hanging in all its pride and glory. While wen i got to the kitchen john was there and he was naked too. I couldnt take my eyes off his ten inch cock. I was so horny i started to get hard and he saw that. He asked if i had ever sucked a cock nefore and i said no he asked if i had ever had my dick sucked and i said no. So he reached down and grabbed my by the cock and started leading me back down to my room, once there he puched me on the bed and started sucking my dick. It feltbso amazing and i almost came but he stopped and told me it was my turn so he layed down on the bed and i sucked his cock, he pulled the rest of me on top if him and we 69d it was soo awesome. He then lifted me up and set me on my hand and knees on the bed facing the other was and i heard him say "ever had a dick up ur ass?" And he grabbed the lube i had sitting on my headboard and rubbed it on his cock and put his gloriouse cockinside me and thrusted over and over and it was so amazing that i came before he did, ten minutes later he shot his huge load into my waitong ass. Now we have meetings like this every chance we can. We have done it in some risky places, the car, his closet both at home and work, all of which people were in the same building

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