Flirting with delivery man

Hi all
Just letting you know what happened when delivering water the other day
I got the phone call I’m out of water and didn’t really want to do as it was down at Matcham until I worked out who the customer was
Every time I’ve delivered to her before she is wearing gym gear so I thought I’ll do it just for a perv
I got to her place and the electric gates opened and there she was dressed in grey leggings and little black zip up top
I thought I’m going to video this sexy lady so I placed my phone in its holder on the dashboard and began filming
I set up my hoses to fill her tank and came back and sat in the cab while filling
She moved her car out her garage and came back and layed out a yoga mat and started to clean it with a cloth the whole time bending over in front of me
She knew I was perving from my cab I didn’t care she has the hottest body I could fully see her camel toe and round ass moving
I was rubbing my cock through my pants watching her and was fully hard as a rock when she came walking to the truck with my money
I had to get out of the cab and I was so hard I didn’t know how to position my cock so she could not see I poked the head under the waist band on my pants and hopped out only for my cock to slip out from under the elastic and make a big bulge in my pants
I could see her looking at it which only made it worse I couldn’t help it my cock was twitching like mad making me feel like cumming right there she gave me the money and turned around and sexually walked back to her mat I jumped back into my truck and started to watch her again she was laying on her back raising hips and giving me a awesome view of her pussy the whole time she was watching me perv that’s when I could not hold any longer looking at this babes pussy and pulled my cock out and wanked it off while perving on to last about 3 seconds and blew all through my cab she was watching me blow and walked over to thank me for my delivery’s mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

28 days ago

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    • We have an old fashioned milk delivery man! He raped our daughter. Right on the kitchen floor! Right after I mopped it! Can you beat that.

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