Sister in law

So I've been married to my wife for 10 years. We have little issues. We have a normal sex life. About 4 months ago, we had her sister in law over for dinner. She's a great person. She's married and has been for 5 years. They are happy together.

So, we were all having drinks. It was my wife sue, her sister Stacy and myself. Her husband was at work. So it was about 11 pm. Stacy and sue were talking about kids. We have 2. She doesn't have any. Stacy said, "Well, Rick and I are still trying. We haven't gone to a doctor yet though. Too bad I can't get your husband to help. He can't seem to miss!" My wife said, "Yeah. I got to him first. I mean, I'm sure he'd be willing to donate to the cause though."

Now, I'm sure my wife thought she was suggesting I go to a fertility clinic and donate sperm. Stacy said, "You think he'd be up for it?" Sue said, "I mean, we are family." Stacy said, "You would really be ok with me having sex with your husband?" She said, "Sex? I thought we were talking about a fertility clinic. Wait. You want to have sex with my husband?" Stacy said, "For the purpose of getting me pregnant. Rick wouldn't know about it. As far as he would know, he got me pregnant." Sue said, "You're serious?! Let's just see what Mike says about it."

She called for me. She said, "Honey, do you want to have sex with my sister?" I said, "Stacy? No. I haven't cheated on you and wouldnt start with your sister." Stacy said, "Why not? I'm not hot enough?" I said, "I'm not falling for this trick. Some hypothetical situation like in case of your death would I type thing. I'm not getting into this fight." Sue said, "She wants to get pregnant and she and Rick haven't had any luck." I said, "So then why not a fertility clinic?" She said, "That would cost thousands. This would be easier...and more fun." I said, "Yeah but would still be up to chance. A Dr would make it more likely to stick." Sue said, "Look. Ur my husband and I love you dearly and trust you implicitly. Stacy, ur my sister and I love YOU dearly. If you don't think Rick can do it then I guess I'm ok with it. For the purposes of procreation. But then that's it."

That was 4 months ago. Stacy and I had sex for 3 months. About 3 times a week. She IS pregnant as of 3 weeks ago. Her husband has no idea that she and I are having sex.

We were supposed to stop once she got pregnant but as of today, we haven't.

30 days ago

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