A change in the wind

My wife and I have been married for 20 years this past April. We have two grown children who are out of the house. I work long hours and have to go out of town twice a year for weeks at a time. Just part of being a regional restaurant manager.

So about 6 months or so ago my wife, Stacy and I were sitting having some drinks. She said to me, "So how long do I have you this time?" I said, "I have a store opening next week that I have to go to." She said, "Ok. I've been thinking and want to run it by you."

She said, "We've been together for 20 years and I've been a good wife to you." I said, "You aren't leaving me are you?" She said, "No. Nothing like that. Well, you may change ur mind after I tell you what I'm about to tell you. Anyway, you are gone for sometimes weeks at a time. I can't complain because you take care of me financially and you are wonderful while ur home. However, when you're gone I'm alone. I masturbate a lot but eventually that gets old." I said, "What are you saying?" She said, "When you're gone on ur store openings and whatnot, I'm gonna have someone to stay with me." I said, "Like one of your friends? That's not bad." She said, "No, like a lover." I said, "So you're asking my permission to have sex with other men while I'm gone?" She said, "No. I'm not asking. I'm telling you." I said, "I don't know how I feel about that." She said, "Feel anyway you want. It's going to happen. I haven't said anything to you about you and Chris." I said, "What about Chris?" She said, "I know you two sleep together when you're out of town." I said, "We stay in the same room and split the bill. Just to save money." She said, "I went to surprise you a while ago and saw the two of you in the window of the motel you were at. Kinda surprised me to know that you were a bottom. But it's ok. You can keep doing it. It's really ok. When you're home, it will be normal. But when ur gone, I'll have my sugar daddy to keep me warm and wet."

1 month ago

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    • I have pretty much the same arrangement with my wife. Only difference is that she knew that I was bi before we got married. And I knew that she liked to fuck a lot of guys. I get to suck cock and get ass fucked. And she gets to fuck anyone she wants. We act normal around friends and family. We have a great relationship together. We love each other I love having sex with her she's great in bed. We just don't let sex outside of are marriage bother us. It's just enjoyment. And we both get what we need.

    • You are lucky

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