Affair with my ex wife

I've been divorced from my ex wife, Stacy, for about 15 years now. I've been remarried for 7 years. It wasn't an ugly divorce. Well, not in the sense that nobody did anything bad. No cheating. No huge fight. We were just going different directions.

So, about 6 months ago I got a text from her asking if I wanted to get lunch. I asked why. I hadn't heard anything from her in 10 years or more. She said, "We haven't talked in forever and I just wanted to catch up." I agreed but didn't tell my wife. My wife knows how I struggled to be divorced back in the day and it would start a fight.

So we are having lunch and she asks about how my wife and I are doing. I told her we are fine. She then asked an awkward question. She said, "You guys have sex often?" I said, "Why do you wanna know that?" She said, "Just curious. You and I had sex a lot. Just wonder if she can keep up with how horny you are...or used to be." I said, "Once or twice a week." She said, "That's all? You not horny as often or she just doesn't want it." I said, "Oh I'm plenty horny. Just work schedules conflicting and she's just not horny as much as I am. She said, "So how often are you jerking off?"

Now, this is just how she talks and I fell back into old habits. I said, "Oh I jack off just about every day." She said, "Yeah, sex with Mike isn't like it was with you." I said, "That's your own fault. You wanted to divorce." She said, "Yeah. And I'm seriously sorry. Didn't know what I had till it was too late."

Long story shorter, we got a hotel room. I wouldn't say better than my current wife but just as good. So for 6 months we've had sex twice a week. I am keeping myself from any expectations because likely she'd end up flaking out on me a second time at a seconds notice.

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  • I have a married ex girlfriend I've been fucking 5 or 6 times a year for 20 years. My wife sort of knows there's someone but doesn't know who. We give each other long leashes. She has girls week at a beach resort. She used my carry on bag and forgot a 6 pack of condoms, 2 left, in the pocket. Safety first, that's my girl.
    I'm hung pretty well. Ex says her husband has a small dick and never goes down on her but loves blowjobs. "he gets his whole little dick sucked." She really uses me for oral. I love that roll. But there nothing like a good side fuck buddy. I have the perfect wife, has a fuck buddy of her own.

  • What you are doing to your current wife is shitty, and be wary of your ex's motives. It sounds like she wants to get back together again. All women know that the way to a man's heart starts by giving him pussy. She could easily be setting you up for blackmail at minimum.

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