A took a chance with a guy

I recently went on Grindr. I'm married but extremely bored with sex with the wife. I need that thrill of doing stuff with stranger. I'm not gay but women are not really into that.
Anyway I met a guy on Grindr who was in a very local hotel. He said his wife was out for 30 minutes and he was horny. He was desperate to cum.
I went round as arranged. His wife's clothes and stuff strewn around the room etc. He was nervous but I told him it was now or never.

I got hold of his cock and jerked him off. I gave him the occasional little suck to keep him going as well. In next to no time, he was spunking off in my hand. He was soooo turned on he could NOT hold back!

I was loving the cheating aspect, making him cum when his wife was out, completely oblivious to what we were doing. I was giving him something his wife wasn't, and I enjoyed that a lot. I'd like a repeat. The thrill that she could return at any moment made it exiting, too!

30 days ago


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