A few years ago actually was more like five or six years ago we got a free trip from Pinnacle automotive to Cancun. It was super close to where anniversary so we decided to go anyways a long story short I had a broken arm and a sprained ankle from laying my motorcycle down my wife got hammered drinking vodka and tequila and so I was having a hard time getting her into the elevator so these guys that work there little Hispanics start helping me they got her in the elevator and she was smiling her eyes are rolling back in her head like lottery balls I looked in the reflection and I could see that they were totally groping her had their hands down her bikini bottom her boobs were almost completely exposed anyways we got into the room and I flopped on the chair that was kind of kitty corner from the bed I put my head down and pretend like I fell asleep or whatever they put her on the bed at first they were cautious but then they started touching her and groping her even more soon they had her naked one of them went down on her then all three of them took turns fucking her right there in front of me. By the time that happened she was completely passed out she was like a starfish on the bed they laughed and giggled and stuff like that and then left.

1.3 years ago

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    • Mexicans are usually too drunk and lazy to make good rapists. Now negroes, though…

    • You let your wife got fucked by a bunch of Mexicans , they’re probably dirty gardeners during the day. Judging by your grammar you sound dumb enough to not see a problem with it.

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