A few years ago actually was more like five or six years ago we got a free trip from Pinnacle automotive to Cancun. It was super close to where anniversary so we decided to go anyways a long story short I had a broken arm and a sprained ankle from laying my motorcycle down my wife got hammered drinking vodka and tequila and so I was having a hard time getting her into the elevator so these guys that work there little Hispanics start helping me they got her in the elevator and she was smiling her eyes are rolling back in her head like lottery balls I looked in the reflection and I could see that they were totally groping her had their hands down her bikini bottom her boobs were almost completely exposed anyways we got into the room and I flopped on the chair that was kind of kitty corner from the bed I put my head down and pretend like I fell asleep or whatever they put her on the bed at first they were cautious but then they started touching her and groping her even more soon they had her naked one of them went down on her then all three of them took turns fucking her right there in front of me. By the time that happened she was completely passed out she was like a starfish on the bed they laughed and giggled and stuff like that and then left.

1 month ago

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    • Wife and I go to resorts all the time, she is like two hundred pounds of curvy woman which is not that attractive to me but I put up with it. She got absolutely toasted one night and this guy seeing my struggles to get her back to the room helped me out, we made our way into the room and flopped her down on the bed. When we were going down the hallway I noticed his hand was completely grabbing one of her boobs so when we laid her down on the bed I asked him if he wanted to undress her. He looked at me with this really look and I told him to have fun and went into the bathroom to relieve myself. I came out and she was naked with her legs pushed back and his face buried in her pussy licking away. He looked up at me and I told him keep going bud, have at it then I walked out onto the balcony for a bit checking on him now and then. I heard her moaning and having some fun but she never found out or remembered having sex with a complete stranger. The next morning she told me as she woke up that someone had some fun last night but I must have been completely out of it so she sucked my cock like I love it and told me that I must have missed that part last night.

    • Bull shit!

    • Mexicans are usually too drunk and lazy to make good rapists. Now negroes, though…

    • This is what Mexicans do. They put a burrito in a taco. If you ain't down with the brown...

    • I have shared myself fucking wife videos to my colleagues and friends. I ensure that these videos do not show our faces. Just pass over to them as downloaded from the net. Once in office I played one such video of me and wife in the action and got a thrill hearing their raw comments. One colleague commented that the body language of the man in the porn seems to be yours and I retorted saying that I would be the happiest man to fuck such a gorgeous lady with big boobs and butts and would also like to lick her pussy and cum in her
      and all had a good laugh. Another friend commented about her big boobs and brown hairy pussy as juicy and whore hole.

      Other one commented he fill fuck her all holes the whole day if given a chance.

      One just stood up and showing his bulge in the pants simulated the fucking action at the monitor.

      But surprising one colleague who knows my wife came to me when I was alone and told he knew that videos were made by me and the woman in it is your wife. I just told him that is your fantasy just to save my face.

      That day I fucked my wife with much vigor thinking of my colleagues comments. See at

    • It may have happened with consent but when you talk about hotel workers, I am suspicious. I go there every year for business and pleasure, never heard from Americans or Mexicans nor saw any of this fantasy. I respect Mexicans and they do the same to me. I am not Mexican nor I speak Spanish but the class that I deal with is above and beyond. Mexico is the size of the US population. Expect some criminals if you go to local bars.

    • So do I and I go to Cancun and the staff are so professional and take their jobs very seriously! I know that would not happen I have seen them with people who drank too much and total professionalism happened.

    • So all the Mexicans where rapists! Every one of them! Not one of them said, Hey that ain't right! And you let them rape your wife in front of you! So all men are rapist when with a passed out woman! Yeh right!

    • They might have said it. Does the OP speak Spanish?

    • No I don't

    • Yeaaah send more you whyte ladies down to mexico we fuck em goooood i will make the margaritas!

    • Bull shit

    • ¡Ariba ariba!

    • You let your wife got fucked by a bunch of Mexicans , they’re probably dirty gardeners during the day. Judging by your grammar you sound dumb enough to not see a problem with it.

    • Got to share this so here it goes. My wife is always pranking me. She was driving on I95, I was sleeping. She gets behind a tow truck towing a big fucking Mack Truck backwards, like it's coming right at us. She then wakes me up "oh fuck he's going the wrong way." Bitch!. She's 38 and built like a brick shit house, She just finished mowing the grass in her bikini. Showoff. She's usually horny after yard work, doing the dishes, sewing a button -- she a nympho. She put the mower away and strips naked in the garage, sprays water all over, even on her pussy and towel dries. She looks a $2 whore, sweaty dirty, hair a mess -- even her pussy is all wet and needs a trim. I have the SUV tailgate open with a yoga mat laid out. I feel her up and she's ready, I finger her wet fun hole, she's all over me. The neighbors across street are having yard sale, a big one. She says it's cool were fucking 100' away. I'm standing letting her have it, her ass is on the edge of the bumper, purposely taking extra long, making her do the hard fucking from the bottom. I finally come and she says I need timeout, let me lay her awhile. Not for long. I put my shorts on and open the garage door.

    • Trish and I early 40's married 15 years. She is really hot for 40's, and looks late 20's -- amazing d cup tits. I'm the lucky one. On vacations we give each long leaches, she dresses a little slutty. We got split up at our Beach Hotel bar, it was packed. She had the great time, guys were hitting on her, buying her drinks. Kept an eye on her, rescued her at the right time. She was a payday whore in our room, "I like flying close to the flame." We split up on purpose now, I like flirting too. We both could have gotten laid one night. I always have one eye on her. I get nervous when I briefly don't see her. She found a naked picture of a young coworker on my phone, busted. All she said, you can do better than that.
      One night her slutty girlfriend is over, they were having wine on the patio. I was on the deck right above them reading, eavesdropping a little maybe. She tells her a 'rock hard 10' lifeguard hit on her at the Beach Bar. They met early the next day at the lifeguard station, she gave him a blowjob in the back room, 2 more there. She said it was like a dept store changing room, not quite private enough to fuck.
      GF: did other guards know?
      Trish: Probably but so what. I'm sure they high 5ed him. Sorta like that. They'll never see me here.
      Guess she flew into the flame. If I say something she'll bring up the side fuck coworker. Maybe my SF gave her reason to suck off a college kid lifeguard.

    • PUNCTUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I'm the original poster. Sorry about punctuation it was just easier and quicker to speak into my phone.

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