Lock down Job

During the corona lock down situation and being jobless for nearly year, I was looking for options to make money for my livelihood. But at the age of mid-40s getting job in small town seemed difficult. But I got to know some aged retired but well to do men who were badly in need of company, in terms of sex or physical closeness. This way I have met some nice persons who want to spend time with me in private. I do have several people I meet for a quick fuck but they are not regulars.
In particular, I like this gentleman, T aged 58. I am fucking T 3 pm twice a week both in full nude. He wants me for 30-minutes, and he wants to play with my mature body and ample boobs, eat my pussy to my orgasm and then fuck me from behind. I don’t hesitate. He provides nice perks - $200 a session, enough to meet my expenses.
There is another one B, aged 66, slim stature with ED problem but an admirer of women body. As I go to his condo, he welcomes me with warm kisses on my lips and necks while his hands prod on my boobs. He hands me a tall glass of wine to warm me up.
B then asks me to get nude – completely as he sheds his own. I know not to waste time, it is valuable to us both!
He pours whisky for us into two glasses. My nipples are beaming hard now - I held the ice from the glass on my nipples and pussy. My shaved pussy is pushed through the long slit, B can easily touch my bare pussy now. His cock does not raise its head … alas!!
He likes my body. As I drink my shot, he calls me over closer to him. He feels my boobs, massages them and sucks on my tits for a few minutes. I moan. I love my tits being sucked. As I approach, he sits upright and instructs me to lie across his lap with my ass up; he wants to massage pussy from the back using some body lotions.
Once I am on his lap, he is excited to finger my pussy and feel its wetness. He spreads my legs open a little wider. As he pushes his fingers deep inside my snatch - 1, 2, 3, and 4, his fingers became covered with liquid. He then pulls his fingers out and circled his fingers over my full pussy. He strokes my labia and teases my ass.
I get too horny. I know what he wants. I spread my legs wide, so my pussy is fully open. B places his hand over my snatch and holds his palm over my muff; I feel my pussy swell. As my legs are wide open and my snatch wet and ripe, he begins to finger fuck my pussy deep. I liked it and I moan.
And ask him to keep fucking by his fingers, yes, back and forth. Fuck, you’re good. As I fuck his fingers slow, my pussy become so flowing wet. He pushes his all fingers together making them cone-shaped to push further into my pussy, I realize that he is trying to fist me. I got excited and I accept his whim. He now puts lube into my pussy hole, his folded fingers are also drenched with the lube.
I keep pumping my snatch up and down on his hand. His folded fingers are inside me now and his whole fist pushes it closer and harder and deeper. I like it – pain and pleasure mixed!! I started really rocking down on his hand. The harder I rock down on his hand, the deeper he pushes his fist inside my pussy. Once his fist was fully inside my snatch, I writhe and moan – ‘Fuck yeah.’ His fist feels like a really thick cock! I reach a series of orgasm – wave after wave! He has been waiting for this to feel cunt spasm against his fist!!
I wait while B applies some more lubes into my throbbing cunt and slowly pulls his fist out of my cunt. Once he is out of my pussy leaving a gaping feeling, I closed my legs and stood up from his lap. I look at his satisfying face and he reaches up and slaps my ass and says, ‘I look forward to fist-fuck you every month, darling.’ And hands me $500 … I gather my clothes and head towards for a shower before heading for my home.

28 days ago


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    • Yeh ok Dude! Don't even start with I'm a female crap!

    • I did it many times with him - loved it!!

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