Bisexual married man

Last night my wife came home from work early ! When she walked in the front door she call me red handed with a pair her red lace sexy panties on with her strap on dildo in my ass while watching some shemale porn ! She started to yelling at me ! Why are you starting with out me ! You know that your ass is mine and nobody else can touch it !
So I need to pay for what I have done without her being there!
She told me to stay right where I am don’t even move! And make sure you leave my dildo in your ass while I call a few of my friends o v CB one over to help me punish you like you deserve to be punished !
So she called of her friends to make me pay for my cheating on her!
When they got to our house !
I started to freaking out because called a few of her friends !
No it looks like she called all of her friends! When she opened the front door I Sean at least 8 people walk in the front door ! At this point I didn’t know that I should do !
She had 2 of her big dick friends grab me and take me into the bedroom and push me face down on me bed ! She 2 of told hold me down and don’t let me move and spread my legs wide open d sad o we can punish him like a little cock whore !

She told her friends to get naked and hit him in his face with you dicks and make him suck them force your dicks into his mouth ! He really needs to pay for what he did !
So she pulled her strap on dildo from my ass and put it on herself and started to g Fucking my bass slamming my ass as hard as she can it hurt so bad but I was really starting to enjoy it knowing that next to happen to my ass knowing that I’m being held down so I can’t go anywhere! But little does she know I’ve been waiting to get gang banged for a while ! So this something I wanted to happen for a long time!
She makings my dreams come true !
All of her friends are raking turns fucking my ass balls deep and hard! She ordered all of her friends not to cumm inside of me she wants them to shot all of there Cumm on my face and make me me suck there dicks clean of all there Cumm !
I didn’t even need to touch my dick to Cumm I must of shot 3 loads of Cumm from getting my ass pounded so hard and deep ! I’ve never had my wife punish mesonbad !
But I really hope that she’s going to catch me again !

10 months ago

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    • Porn used to do me the same way ! Watch, jerk, shoot, and repeat. I did it until my cock had dry heaves.

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