My bf's big d

My boyfriend is 20 and I'm 19 1/2

I'm a virgin. When I masterbate I only rub my cliterous because fingers inside me doesn't feel comfortable. This is extra hard because my boyfriend is "well-endowed." I'm 5'3 (161cm) and he's I believe 8 inches in length and a lot all the way around. I blew him once and it was overwhelming.

He said "My love. With forplay and lube I'll rock your world." he said. I used to hate being short, but between his short jokes and saying "I love girls with some meat on her bones" I feel confident with my body.

Any suggestions?

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  • It about time you fucked him get your pussy filled with cum

  • Actually, if you masturbate and foreplay long enough your vaginal walls will dilate to accommodate up to 6 - 8 inches. So I've read, not sure 100% though.

  • I'll look into that! Thanks

  • My wife 5ft 103 lb wasn't a Virgin but had only had sex a handful of times, one way standard missionary position. With no experience and a 5.5 inch dick. She told me she would say there's got to be more to it than this
    I am 6'1 190lb 8×6 . In the beginning she could only take half at best. But badly wanted it all.
    Patience and persistence and knowing your Woman She not only takes it all but all holes balls deep. Multiple orgasms... took about 3 in a half yrs maybe little more. Worth the patience and time. 34 yrs later still the best there is.... patience and the right person, lifetime of good times awaits

  • Find someone with a small 5 inch dick to fuck first. In fact, ask your boyfriend and he will find someone to fuck you first so that he can fuck you. You could work up in size. Spend several weeks fucking one guy and then move up to a slightly bigger one. Do it in small steps so that you get to fuck five or six guys before you let him enter you.

  • Maybe I could get a toy?🤣

  • Stop writing this fake cock size crap tape measure guy. You'r a guy!

  • I saw similar stories which gave me the idea to write this, thats probobly the parallel

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