Full time nudist

My husband and I live out in the county on property. I go nude 24/7 when I can. My husband has a great job so I don’t need to work. I do housework and yard work nude. Last year with the COVID-19 sickness going on. I stayed home my husband work as a supervisor for a high rise building security. He had to go to work. He did all the shopping and other items in the city. I stayed nude at home from March 1st to the end of October. 7 months. My husband told my I had a great all over tan. We planing on taking a vacation at a nudist location later this summer.

1 month ago

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    • The wife and I did it a couple of times. I loved it but for her, not so much. She wasn't offended but didn't get it. Swimming naked is great and drying off and not worrying about a wet swimsuit is wonderful. It was awesome talking to other people and not worrying about clothing. She liked it ok while we were there but when we left, she said that it didn't do anything for her body image, probably because she had an old creep staring at her. I would have went to management with it but he was a member and we were guests of the resort so I knew who would win that one.

      I'm glad that you are so comfortable. It would be great to do yard work nude. Such freedom.

    • My husband was a nudist and wanted me to be one. I liked the idea of it but worried about the risks of it enough to beg off most times, especially if we were home or near home. When he took me to vacation to a nudist resort I LOVED it. I was pretty sure I was still a bit immature about it though as all I felt like doing was sex stuff. It was HARD to hide those feelings from my husband and the others there. When we got home I was still feeling randy so I gave home naturism a try. I loved it at first but then it got boring... Well... until I got caught. It wasn't so boring after that but I stopped being a home nudist. I save that for vacations now

    • I have always wanted to live a nudist lifestyle but where I live I can’t seem to find nude friendly places and being naked at home is great but I would love a community to be naked with!! Does anyone Know of anywhere in Utah that is nude friendly??

    • I spent a month at a nudist club in Southern California last year and planning on going back. Was the one of the best things My wife and I have ever done. The people were perfectly pleasant and made us feel at home from the minute we got there. We also live on a very secluded property that allows us to spend our days clothes free. Best feeling in the world.

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