Black friend

When my husband and I were separated for a couple of months I hooked up with an older black guy friend of ours over and over again. I never thought I was that type of person but the same night my husband left I invited Wayne over with every intention of having sex. After that we did it every chance we could. Even when we were trying to work things out I would be wanting Wayne.

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  • Can’t say I blame you. My girlfriend had a friend with benefits friend who was a black coworker. She admitted she had no idea how or where our relationship would go. She also admitted sex with him was addicting and yes he was very well endowed.I was able to meet him one night at a small office party they had and he was probably every woman’s dream. Y’all, Athletic and handsome

  • Nigger fucking whore!

  • Man that sucks. I bet you’d be pissed if you found out he was fucking one of your hot friends

  • I always love reading stories of dark skinned lovers and had a real let down once. I worked with this guy and he was African American, he asked me out a few times and we had fun, I thought about inviting back to my place one night and did it. We had great foreplay going and ended up naked right on the couch but when I started touching his cock I was surprised to find it smaller than ever. He was hard as a rock and fit right in my hand, I did not make any bad comments about it at all and we had a great time but it really made me wonder about the things I heard and then a few years later I met Ron. There was not much height difference really and the first time his cock sprang out from his boxers I took in a deep breath. He had a monster sized cock and it was not even fully erect yet. It was one of the coolest cocks I have ever seen, he was circumcised and I think it was done poorly because his cock was pink all around and scarred where the foreskin was removed but it made his cock very colorful with the dark chocolate and pink skin. His orgasms were huge as well, I often had to pull my mouth off of him while he came because he was hard to swallow and keep up with not to mention my mouth was stretched super wide just to suck on it. I was blown away though the first time he entered me, I was gasping out pushing on his torso telling him to go slow but after I got stretched out and it started hurting so good I was in ecstasy, eyes rolling to the back of my head sex. I would get on all fours with my head on the bed and hold a vibe on myself while his filled me over and over, I came so hard I would fall over if he would not have been holding my hips up, I felt like I was melting sometimes, like an out of body experience having a continuous orgasm while he just kept it up for what seemed like hours. I would get out of bed some mornings and have trouble walking but I loved it.

  • Are you still doing Wayne? You think about him when you're with your husband. Don't you. Don't lie.

  • No I'm not doing anything with him. I think about him all the time. Yes.

  • Sluts!!!

  • I did this too. My husband and I went through a rough patch and he moved out. My neighbor was all to happy to give me a shoulder to cry on. He was an older black man named Martin, I think he was in his forties, I was in my early twenties. It didn't take him long to get me on my back whenever he came over. There were even a couple times I had sex with my husband after Martin had already seen me for the day. He would always comment on how wet I was not knowing that Martin had cummed in me early that day. It was so hot and I still remember the sex, it was amazing.

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