My wife and I had been together for two years and married for five when I asked her if she was feeling the seven year itch. She said that she had been thinking about how she had liked the variety of guys that she had fucked in college. I told her that I had also enjoyed the variety of girls that I dated. I asked her if she wanted to swap partners with any of the couples that we knew. She said that she didn't want to take the chance of messing up our friendships with them. I asked her about a threesome. She didn't want to share me with another woman, she liked having me all to herself in bed. I told her that I was thinking about having another man join us so that she could be fucked twice as many times. She asked if I would really let her have sex with another guy without me getting to have sex with another girl. I told her that I just wanted her to be happy and I thought adding another man would be fun for her.
We did this for nearly two years and my wife had sex with over 50 men. I never felt left out because I always got to have sex with her after they finished. Fucking her after another man had come in her felt fantastic.
Then we decided to have children and she stopped having sex with others until we knew that she was pregnant by me. We found that men loved fucking her while her belly was getting big. After she had the baby we stopped until she got pregnant by me a second time. When we were ready for a third child I told her that I wanted her to have sex with other men and have one of them get her pregnant. So our third and fourth children may have been fathered by me but may also have been fathered by a couple of the guys that my wife was also fucking. It didn't matter to me whether I was the father or not, they were our children even thought someone else may have fathered them.

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    • Sounds like a great relationship! I would love to have one like it but my wife decided that now that we're married she can't fuck other guys. She was a big whore before. Bait and switch.

    • First of all it has nothing to do with being what you call a fag . Just because a married man would let his wife fuck other guys doesn't make him a fag a sissy or a weak man. It's about seeing her happy and her enjoying having sex.and still being able to love each other. My wife fucked other guys for over 10 years. We have two children together that I know are mine. She had two more children that are mixed. She doesn't know who the father is. But they are still are children and I love them. We do know that she got pregnant when she was on vacation in Jamaica. She was there by herself for two weeks. She had sex with 6 different jamaican guys. A month later she knew that she was pregnant and told me that I wasn't the father. It was okay with me. Just because you are married doesn't mean you own a woman. She always asks me not to sleep with anyone else and I never did. I was happy with her and happy that she was a sexuality free and open minded woman. I always wanted her after a guy had fucked her the sex was very intense and hotter. So now over 40 years later we are still together and we have a great relationship.

    • It makes him an asshole! And his wife a fucking nasty slut that ain't worth fucking!

    • And it makes you a lonely asshole that you are jacking off in your mother's basement.

    • Yeh nothing wrong with a slut passed a round like a joint at a party!
      The next time you get her or the joint they both are wet sloppy and nasty!

    • Your story is full of bull shit!

    • You want MFM so you can let your fag side out!

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