I'm His Fetish And Love It

I've been married several times and don't want to get married again. I'm considered somewhere between a BBW and SSBBW with enormous breasts. I posted on the internet to see who would be interested in a woman over 230 lbs. I connected with this guy Tom. We first exchanged E-mails and he gave me his phone. I didn't give mine until I started to get interested in his sexual desires. I would masturbate while taking on the phone with him and he confessed to me he masturbated also. I wasn't ready to connect with him in person, so we web cam each other sexually. I liked his package and he really got turned on by my enormous breasts and big belly.
We went to a motel on our first live meet. He watch me undress and whipped out his cock for me. He sat in the chair that was in the room and I removed his pants and started giving him head as he slapped my breasts. The blowjob turned into a mouth fuck as he pulled my hair. We got on the bed and he went down on me sucking-eating me as I lifted and sucked on my tits. Then he edged up on me and squeezed my belly to fuck the fat that I have, He was ready to bukkake me. He got on his back and I squeezed my tits around his shaft and let him tit fuck me. He wanted me to sit on the chair while I watch him masturbate to shoot his load in my mouth and on my tits.
I started going to his house to please him sexually and having him abuse me sexually like the slut that I think I am.


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  • Thanks for the story about your desires. I think plenty of men love the comfort of making love to larger women. I have a specific escort I visit frequently for just that reason.

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  • Wow so hot & i also like fat or old ladies

  • I jerk off to my sister in law all the time, hot little fatty, divorced. I threw a lot of hints out there but showed no interest. I like when she comes over to swim, I go up to the bathroom and jerk off while a watch her imagining me coming on those big tits. I also told her I was shaved in front of my wife, who surprisingly was ok with me telling her. I was hoping she’d say I’d like to see that, but she didn’t. Bummer, hoping to get her to skinny dip, let her see my smoothness,

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