Double Dipped

I know this is not ok. But just putting it out there. Is there anyone here who has double dipped into to different woman on the same day.

I have had sex with another partner and then had sex with my wife. I normally come home after work and shower. However in this instance wife was keen to have sex.

My penis was coverd with her fluids and I had gone in raw with my wife without washing.

Just checking to see if anyone else has done this.

1 month ago


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    • In my country we let dog rape bad woman before throw off roof
      But we move to U S and A and now do it there

    • I think it makes it better to be honest, try for a triple!

    • Double in same night, triple within 12 hours. I was dating, but on the outs, with one woman and we had basically last-ditch sex one night, then, I left her apartment and went right to the house of an ex-gf I'd reconnected and restarted having sex with (she's still the most beautiful woman I've ever known or been with). Then, as I'd been having sex with my hot older sister for years and she was visiting the next late morning to go to a large, outdoor flea market, we got one in before leaving. The second two were amazing, the first, ok but my mind was on getting out of that apartment and to the ex-gf's house to have her. Hot older sister and I was very good and experienced with each other.

    • I triple dipped when I was in my twenties. Wife had to go to work and I had arraigned to meet up with this girl I meet a couple nights earlier. Before I went to her house I got a call to go to a friends party. I figured I would go there first. Went, meet a hot girl and ended up fucking her in my own bed. Came inside her multiple times.

      After I dropped her off I went to the club girls house, fucked and came in her and then went home. My wife got home around 3, jumped in bed and started sucking my cock. So I fucked her to.

    • Oh hell yes, I have a couple lovers. My wife is on the cold side. She has been fucked by me after another woman. Its so rare, I still have two lovers

    • No but I have watched my wife have sex with four guys, one right after the other.

    • My had 2 while I watched it was great

    • I have two wives so it's a normal part of our sex lives. No big deal.

    • I had 3 brother after I got out the shower my wife said I can go out with the boys if I fuck her and drop a load . Did the deed and left smelly cock and all met the boys at a bar where I met this chick . Was still early went to her place fucked her barback and in her ass. Since early still met up with the boys club /bar met another girl went to her place first thing she did was suck my cock clean fucked her dropped a load bareback. Fell asleep went home 5 am

    • I do admit and regret and admit I must of came home more then a dozen times and fucked my wife bareback after I fucked other women barback.

    • I did it couple of times and lasted longer with my wife later on ... Once she was annoyed with my longer intercourse as she already came twice with my cock buried deep into her pussy!!

    • I haven't done that, but I have sucked 5 different cocks in a day a few times.

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