My Bar Adventure

My Pool Hall Adventure
When I was in Phoenix a few months ago, a guy from the office took me to a bar for a few drinks, after the last day of the audit. We drank and laughed had some dinner, while he was becoming obnoxious. So I left him and went over to a few guys playing pool. I asked if I could have next game. I figured it would give him time to sober up, before I went back to my hotel. I played one game and ran the table. Another guy came over and challenged me. I missed one shot but won again. Then this guy named Dan wearing a cowboy hat and being arrogant brat challenged me. He said the other two guys were bums and I needed to play a real pro.

So I laughed and said, “OK, whenever one showed up.” He just smiled and told me to break.

Just as I was about to shoot, he stopped me and suggested that we should make the game more interesting. I asked what he had on his mind. He laughed and suggested betting on each ball. I was puzzled and asked what he meant.

He explained the bet and said, “So Doll, every ball you sink, you get to either slap me or kiss me or take a piece of clothing off me. Now I get to do the same to you, when I sink a ball. If you miss a shot you have to guzzle a shot of tequila. So what do you say?”

I figured since I was breaking this would be easy. Dan was such an arrogant guy who I would love to slap. My eyes lit up at that thought. So I answered okay. I wiggled my ass in his face and broke the pack. Luckily, I sank one ball.

Turning toward Dan, I had a huge smile across my face and said,: “Ok Dan, let’s see what I want.”

I went up to him, pretended that I was going to kiss him but instead, slapped him as hard as I could. You could hear it throughout the room. Everyone stopped to see what was happening.

He put his hand over his reddened cheek and whined, “Wow, Doll! Not so hard. You know you could have kissed me instead.”

I laughed and said, “Sure, maybe next time!”

Well after the fifth slap in a row, he nastily said, “Doll you better not miss.”

I guess with everyone looking and having a hard bank shot to make and I hit a little too soft, which left an easy one for him. He smiled and said, “Go ahead and drink up. Now it’s my turn.”

As I guzzled my shot, he sunk the easy shot. Everyone was watching, as he came up to me. “This is going to be so much fun!” he blurted.

He told me that he has been watching me all night and it was about time I showed him my boobs. OMG, I didn’t wear a bra. He began unbuttoning my blouse. When they all were undone, he pushed it aside to expose my breast and tied the ends together behind my back to keep them in view of everyone. Then he put both hands over them and began rubbing my boobs making the nipples stand erect.

Then he said, “Finally we all get to see those hot titties of yours.” The rest of the guys thanked him as he lined up for his next shot.

All of the guys were now instantly on his side. I guess they wanted to see more of me or what he would do next. No problem! He made his next shot with ease. He grabbed me in his arms and gave me such a passionate kiss. Even though he’s been a brat to me, I really enjoyed that kiss. Next shot was an easy one for him. A loud chant about my skirt was heard. He smiled and had me sit on the edge of a table right in front of everyone. Then he pulled my short skirt off me. Spreading my legs apart, he moved the g-string to the side and began to fingering my clit in full view of all.

Looking up at me he said, “Oh my, you’re already so wet! You must be enjoying this way too much!”

The group of I guess five other guys yelled, “Don’t be selfish let us see”!

I instantly stood up and readjusted my panty to the dismay of the other guys. Now some other girls were in back giving me very dirty looks and making nasty comments, as all the guys were paying attention to me instead of them.

Back to the game and he made another shot. He told me it was time to remove my panty. As I slip out of it, I crossed my legs. Now he had a hard shot and sunk it with no problem. I was still at the table with my legs crossed as he approached. He told me to spread them apart. I giggled and asked why. “Eat her, Eat her”, was the chant. He lowered his face into my wet vulva and licked away.

I leaned back on my arms right in front of the crowd. Closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure. Wow! I was so hot, but he suddenly stopped before I could cum. Now I wanted him to make the next shot so he could finish me off. But instead he missed a sure thing. He told me I caused his miss from enjoying me to long. Everyone laughed.

My turn to make the shot! It was easy and I made it no problem, although those shots were finally taking effect. He sat there and I walked up to him. I went to slap him again but instead I unbuttoned his shirt and proceeded to rub my bare breast against him.

He attempted to grab me but I said, “You can’t touch, my turn to tease!”

I bent forward for my next shot with my ass in his face. He said my aroma was intoxicating. I made a difficult shot by wiggling my ass. Turning around, I unbuttoned Dan’s pants and pulled out his huge cock. I made him stay at attention until I sank the next one. Then I went over, made him take them off and rubbed his magic rod to full attention. Three balls to go and I’ll be the champ. I made one with no problem. Going over to Dan, I wanted another kiss while rubbing his cock. For the next shot I had to sit on the side of the table while spreading my legs apart for balance. I missed but everyone got another good view of my pussy while I was shooting. I guess it was all those drinks catching up to me.

Dan had a tough shot but sank it without a problem. He walked over to me sitting on the table, put his hands on my knees, spread me apart and put two fingers deep into me. Looking deep into my eyes he said: “So what do I have to do to sink my cock in you too! I know you want it.”

I was moaning from almost cumming, when he pulled his fingers out of me and licked them. I smiled and said, “You need to triple bank that shot and sink the ball, then you can take me on the pool table, in fact if you make it I’ll let everyone take me too.”

At that moment, I wanted it so bad and didn’t care who had his cock buried in me. The more the merrier. I heard the word slut yelled from the other girls. I knew they were jealous of all the interest I was getting.

Dan went back to the table and I stood up to watch. I leaned against him plastering my boobs on his side. Whispering, “Triple Bank Shot,” as I rubbed them against him. He hit the ball hard. Wham! One bank, two banks, three banks hitting the ball and it rolled close to the hole. They all gasped to see if it had enough energy to make it. They chanted, “It’s going in!” I was watching as it approached the hole and for a moment it looked like I would be having sex with everyone, but sounds of “Oh No” were heard when it stopped short of the hole. Everyone was complaining to Dan about missing. I took my time and shot the last ball in the hole.

“I’m the champ,” I yelled. I leaned against him, kissed his cheek and whispered, “Too bad Dan. That’s as close as you will ever get to put your thing in me.”

Then I giggled, picked up my clothes and went over to my friend who was now passed out in a booth. Dan followed and tried to talk me into the back room. I just laughed and asked him to help me with my friend. We got him on his feet, called an Uber and back to my hotel we went. I told the driver to take the guy home and went inside the hotel.

Just as the elevators doors were closing I heard someone yell, “Hold the door Please”!

I did and to my surprise it was Dan. He smiled and told me he had to follow me to make sure I got home safe. I just smiled and without saying a word we went back to my room to finish our teasing. It felt so good to finally feel his big cock in me.


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  • Nudity in public bars is not allowed.

  • Depends on the bar. Ex gf and I played darts and if she missed the board off came an item. The manager was ok with it until she started fingering herself.

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