Never been caught

I'm a 28SWF (never married) with two children (12 and 5) and have been in dozens of relationships over the years. I've never been faithful: I've cheated on every man I've ever been with. I'm not proud of that, but i'm not ashamed of it either. I am, however, proud that I have never been caught cheating. I've not gotten caught because I am smart. VERY smart. And very organized. Plus, my mother was (and remains) a cheater and she taught me a lot about adultery, and about men, in general. I really. REALLY adore cheating and I can't imagine i would ever quit. I'm sure there are thousands of women just like me, nasty and aggressive, although I haven't met any.

1 month ago

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    • Really Good we will see you on the ID channel! When one of the men you cheat on kills you!

    • I cheat every time I can nothing better than pounding a strange pussy. There are a lot a woman that will fuck married cock. You cant be a slob to get it

    • Bull shit dude! Stop writing as a female ass wipe!

    • Who the HELL cares if a man or a woman wrote it? You don't seem to believe any of the confessions.

    • Too right!!!!

    • We reap what we sow.

    • So what did your mother teach you?

    • There were many, many things, but the biggest tactical one was to find out some dirty dirty DIRTY sex thing his wife refuses to give him and make that my SPECIALTY and then make him want that ALL THE TIME!! She used to tell me "the filthier you are the more a married men will love you". She taught me the importance of dirty-talking especially with older gentlemen and married men. She also taught me to ALWAYS FUCK on a first date.

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