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I was leaving my local Shopping Mall heading for the underground car park when this girl stepped into my path and asked me for a cigarette. I laughed and told her to piss off and kept walking and she said she'd show me her tits if I gave her a smoke.

I said 'You even got any tits?" cause she was so small and she said gimme a smoke and find out. So I did and she had nice little tits. then she said she'd suck me off if I gave her the packet and I said OK. She was short and skinny but she gave great head. I came in her mouth and she just swallowed it and put her hand out for my smokes.

I gave them to her and she ran off. I been looking for her ever since but she's never there. I think she was homeless. I really want to take her home and give her a good meal and somewhere to stay and to fuck her.

1 month ago

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    • This post is super hot

    • That's a pretty common scam, I'm afraid. The parents let the daughter go stay with you (they may even tell you they approve and want the girl to stay with you and become your partner or wife), and then they all come back later and beat you down and take your money and valuables, or they blackmail you to keep them from putting a statutory rape case on you. Or if your married they threaten to tell your wife you made love to the young girl even though she either initiated the sex or jreally BEGGED you to fuck her IMMEDIATELY. The most popular is the faked up pregnancy because they can make it last for months and get serious cash flow. Its hard to believe how early a girl can become a true true WHORE!

    • Damn. This is in the USA?

    • This must be regional, somewhere. I'm familiar with most of the kid-related bunco in the Western US, not this one though.

    • Probably in Appalachians. Lol.

      What's some of the stuff you've heard of?

    • I live near a center for "troubled youth" so they're not technically homeless but pretty skaggy. I was actually going to move closer to work, but decided to stay where I was because I like getting sucked off by tiny-titted teen girls for beer and smokes!

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