Wife cheats with many guys

Cant believe I am writing this. Caught my wife cheating with her boss. She blows him several times a week, in office, in car. Found out when a buddy caught them in the act at a park. Threw her ass out but let her back in when she begged and promised all kinds of things. Said it was cheating but not fully because no actual sex.

Life was good for several months and we had great sex more than ever. Especially bjs. So what's the problem. I found her diary by accident. She not only was seeing her boss but had glowed 17 guys since we'd been married. Several when I was away on business trips and one on our anniversary.

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  • Good for you man.... Enjoy your slut wife, you're a lucky man!

  • My wife is exactly the same way. At first it upset me but now I love it. Just because your wife has sex with other men doesn’t mean she’s going to leave you. It takes a long time for true, deep, love to form and my wife having “just sex” with another man is not the foundation for a relationship. If she has lunch with the men and spent long times talking with them then a relationship can form. If all she is doing is fucking them then it’s just sex and not a threat. She will not leave you just because another man is awesome in bed since she knows you are a good provider and companion and she knows nothing about the other man. This is especially true since she can have both; your support and companionship and the good fucking from the other man. To assure she doesn’t form a relationship with them I find the men for her. All communications go through me and the only contact she has with them is when they are fucking her, about 30 mins usually. Also I do not allow the men to talk with her, not even names or small talk. I keep much distance between them.

    Keep your wife and build the relationship between you and her but let her fuck other men. I enjoy watching my wife spread her legs for other men, listening on the phone to them fucking when I am away on a business trip, and listening to her describe how other men enjoy her when I am fucking her. My wife is a total slut and it’s the best sex I have ever had!

  • I feel sorry for you, you're not a man...

  • He's a wonderful man and realizes how lucky he is to have a hot wife! Try letting your wife fuck another married man.... You'll love it!

  • Kick her out and find another woman to be your wife. Or be a cuckold and accept her new identity as a slut. It's up to you to make a choice, but if you choose to be a cuckold, I have to said that it was not a wrong, bad option for you, but you will find its hard at the first time. I am myself is a cuckold. Not the sissy one but a dominant libertine. I have been married for fifteen years until now and my wife has opened her legs for guys since six years ago. It's really amuse me to make sure that my wife is always available for others.

  • Time to kick her ass to the curb. She is a slut and can't be trusted. Unless you enjoy being a cuckold. If you'd like to experience a 3-some before you kick her out, have her invite her boss over and you fuck her while she sucks his cock.

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