When I was younger

When I was 13-17 I had a best friend one day he asked me if I did it? I said yes well he asked me if I wanted me if I would mbate with him I said heck yes! I was already hard we both took off our shorts and started stroking our cocks we came together in a few minutes it was fun to see each other come! We would get together a few times a week and mbate together!
We would also give each other hand & BJs I would sleep over at his house & we would 69 & some times we would come in each other’s mouths! We would some times swallow though we would spit out our come most of the time! We were not gay just two young teen boys experimenting with our body’s! Those were good times together! We were very horny!

1 month ago

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    • Sick fake story Ass wipe

    • WTF? This type of thing goes on with horny teenage guys all the time. It doesn't seem fake at all

    • No it don't dumb fuck Only in your faggot mind!

    • You sound full of hate.

    • This is a true story’

    • Ewww this is sodomy, no wonder why this world is collapsing

    • I bet all guys did something similar, I sure did. Two of my best friends and I built a fort that we had sleepovers in where we would hide Playboy magazines. Being teenage boys it didn’t take much to get a boner.
      We looked forward very much to our get togethers and always worked ourselves to an orgasm, sometimes a hand job ,and other times we would give each other a BJ.
      I’m not gay but look back on it with good memories.

    • I guess I was not the only one! We also had Playboy,Oui,Penthouse!

    • I remember the reaction of just looking at a Playboy magazine at 13 years old. Instant hard on. It was great to share the experience with a friend and wack off together.

    • Those were good times we would cum a lot together!

    • I agree with the posts that most boys did experience an orgasm with another boy. We didn’t even think of it as fagging, we fantasize about women in magazines.

    • Thats not true never did anything gay or even a circle jerk! Grew up as a normal kid who never had interest in a man!

    • Sick and fake!

    • Not!

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