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Please comment on my wife. I would love to hear your opinions about her body. We are thinking about finding another man to fuck her while i watch and want to find if we will have options. http://www.sixpix.me/go/txlisa17/tx17

4.1 years ago


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    • My wife confessed to me that she would like me to fuck her from behind as she sucks a strangers cock....I’m so excited..just need to find that stranger

    • I have never posted nude pics of my wife, but I do have some and showed them to a buddy, which embarrassed her to no end.
      But he raved about how hot she was, and she began to perk up, that was obvious.
      We talked later, I suggested maybe some evening we would have him by and she could do a little show, but she said no way, she would be too embarrassed to do that.
      Then last Summer we were at the beach and he was to join us there, I noticed she had on a new bikini that is way skimpier than she will usually wear in public and that was fun.
      Not sure where this is all going, but I also have the urge to see if she will spread her legs for him, I think she just might.
      I did suggest some more photos with him around, just topless I said, and she said maybe.

    • My friend (Dan) came over for dinner, the wife dressed quite a bit naughtier than is normal for her, I noticed that and was thinking maybe. We got to talking about the photos, he asked to see them again, so I got them out. One photo shows her sitting down, naked, feet pulled back and knees wide open, first time I showed him that one. The wife did blush but seemed tickled at his reaction, so I asked him if he wanted to take some more. She went along with it, after an hour she was hot enough to duplicate that pose for us.
      After he left, I asked her if she would let him have sex with her while I watched. She acted shocked but finally whispered.. "maybe."

    • Couldn’t see them

    • She's beautiful your a lucky man take care of her

    • 5/10

    • Love to see more of her

    • Nice. She is a little thick in the midsection but has great tits. I bet her pussy feels awesome..

    • Do you share???

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