Neighbor always showing me her breast

My neighbor whenever she and I are in the backyard she takes her top off and shows me her tits. So one day when no one was home I decided to jerk off in the backyard. I heard her come outside and she saw me. She immediately took out her tits and watched me jerk off while she played with her breast till I shot my load all the fence. She was amazed and looked so wet. Hopefully next time I can get her to suck my cock and swallow.

1 month ago


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    • My kitchen's window is almost parallel to my neighbor's bathroom window, hardly 2 yds apart. She is a widow for nearly ten years but has an exquisite body at her age of nearly 40. Very often when I make morning coffee in my kitchen, I could see her in the bathroom. She would switch on the light rather purposefully and take off her bra so that I could see her ivory-colored ample boobs - little sagged with beautiful pink nips. This went on for nearly six months. Then one morning I bare-chested was making coffee and as expected she was there. I started stroke my nips and lightly massaging my chest as if I have not seen her. I moved to a corner of my window and saw her massaging her tits too... I am old enough to understand that she was without sex for a long time. After a few weeks, I wanked - she realized it from the height of her widow! I am planning to invite her for coffee to my place. Let's see what happen next ...

    • When I was 23 I because FWB with a young widow 45.
      If I even up in heaven, pleasuring her in every way will bey why.
      Even her mom said fire your therapist and just keep fucking your young neighbor.

    • She is seeing how low you can get! And Right now you are a heel!

    • I want her to show me her nude body first. Then I am ready to go as low as she wants ...

    • Lucky dog

    • Lady live below us took her top of to sunbath I was on balcony above her when I shoot come it fly out and go on her she scream! it was accident and i ran she knew it was me but didn't say anything now she look at me funny

    • I go to the beach and throw my cum on sunbathing girls, kind of the same thing

    • When I was 17 and living at home, my neighbor lady would tan nude in her backyard. She was married, but her husband worked as a truck driver and was always gone. We lived at the end of a culdesac where her house and my parents house were the only two built at the time. I remember the first time I saw her, she unexpectedly seen me and got up to cover herself. I jokingly said, I don't mind, but she went inside anyway. She must have gotten over it, because the next day she was back out tanning nude again. I walked out and she just laid there while I walked up and started talking to her. She was probably 15 years older than me, but I didn't care. The more the summer went on and the more we got comfortable with eachother, I asked her if she wanted to see me nude. She jokingly said that would only be fair. I stripped my shorts off and of course my dick was hard. I sat down and started stroking myself. She sat up and watched the whole time, telling me that it was flattering to have me pleasuring myself to her. I asked her several times if we could do more, but she always said no. Only thing we ever did was masturbate together. Her and her husband moved that winter and I never saw her again.

    • I jerk off all the time outside. It’s so nice that summer is here.

    • I am getting hard just reading this! I am going to masturbate in a bit!

    • Do you ever do it in a Nazi outfit? That makes me so hard!!

    • If she was nude it probably be my Becky. She lays out nude sunning herself, and reading in the shade. It's legal in our state and only adult neighbors can see her. I took her to a nude beach and she was turned off by nude men hitting on her. My neighbor Bob told me all but one neighbor, Joe, enjoy her display. Joe and wife Lynn are religious. Bob said Lynn told Joe to just deal with nude Becky, that's God's perfection on full display -- as a guy you should enjoy.

    • You should send pics of her to me
      tlandry02@yahoo . Com

    • She a good camera sales girl. I have 1,000. But in good conscious I couldn't share nude pictures of my wife. But my neighbors can. The only one I know of, search "hot wife topless backyard" in bing images.. She's standing in front of 2 orangish lounge chairs, brown shutters over her left shoulder. It's like the worst pic of her. she's packed on 15 pandemic pounds (since lost 10) -- she has a dumb puzzled look. She just caught the neighbor taking her picture. She's about to give him hell. A buddy gave me a heads up to maybe have it removed. It's a lot of trouble. He said we should sue the neighbor. and bring a million times more attention to it?

    • Describe her

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