Don't know if it's like this in other places, but it sure is here

Where did COVID 19 go?

I can tell you that according to the numbers, less than half the people in my state have received the shot. Yet everyone is walking around without a mask no, going about life like we are back to normal. There has been nothing on the news about COVID for months now and you can't even find anyone who gives COVID test anymore.

If COVID was so contagious, which they say it was. And if it was killing thousands of people everyday, which they also said it was. And if less than half the people in my entire state have been vaccinated, and people have now gone back to normal life, then why hasn't the COVID cases skyrocketed?

I'll tell you why. Because COVID was never as bad as the liberal media wanted you to believe. They falsified and manipulated the numbers, and shoved it in our faced, and locked everyone down for a year as nothing more than a fucking political game. The Democrats wanted Trump out of office, and they control the media.

Now I'm not a Trump fan, I thought he was a fucking idiot, BUT, people have to be fucking blind and ignorant to not see what the hell the Democrats did. The politicians in Washington played a political game, and we suffered for a fucking year because of it. Some people lost everything, their jobs, their homes, their livelihoods, and some even took their own lives. We the people should be furious, and we should be demanding the Democrats be held accountable for their actions.

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    • Looks like COVID-19 went up that festering, oozing man-pussy you call an anus

    • Wtf? Not on the news anymore? Do you live in a cave? It’s still the #1 news story every day. In fact I read this morning that the death rate in your country is under 3,000 a day now. Still a daily death rate higher than a 9/11 happening every day but it’s down. The reason for people not wearing masks and what not is fatigue. People just stopped caring and are ignoring the death rates. Don’t confuse general malaise with some sort of fakery.

    • Then why hasn't the FDA cleared any such vaccine? and it's an mRna, which means that proves it's bullshit...

    • More people are dying from drug overdose than COVID-19. No body seems to notice.
      I see all these stupid sheep following orders wearing their masks even in their cars and walking outside.
      People move on.

    • I agree with the OP. If it's on your news, then it must be your local news keeping it going. Other than a blip once a night on the national news, no one else is saying anything about it except to say "get vaccinated"

    • You still think President Trump is a fucking idiot after everything you wrote. Look at the fool we have now and tell us who the fucking idiot is.
      I can tell you. All the fucking idiots that voted for him.

    • I think he is an idiot, too. But that has nothing to do with him also being a good president. He had zero political skills, but he knew how to get shit done. Hence he's an idiot, or lacks knowledge about politics. Good president because he got shit done.

    • What makes a good president? Getting stuff done that’s good for the country. From the beginning he had absolutely no support and still got shit done.
      Idiot… I don’t think so

    • Cases have dropped because between people getting sick and recovering, and people getting vaccinated, around 2/3 of the population is now immune to the primary variant of Covid. It's also summer: you know the time of year that cold and flu cases all drop because they don't survive well in warm weather. Cases aren't zero 20,000 people a day in the US are still catching it. That's about 1/10 of where they were at Christmas when the spread was at its worst.

      So the two options are: science is working and humanity is beating the virus. Or the political party that can't even pass a bill to repair a few bridges somehow orchestrated a giant global conspiracy to overblow a virus. How many hundreds of thousands of people would have to be in on that conspiracy in order for it to work? You think they could all keep that secret? Not a chance. Some low level grunt would have discovered the evidence of that conspiracy by now and leaked it to the press.

    • No one ever said the virus was the conspiracy. It was the manipulation of the numbers and media circus that drove the political agenda. They drove fear into the people and forced them to shelter in place which destroyed the economy. Then they pointed the finger at Trump and claimed it was his fault while at the same time demanding voters do mail in voting. Then after the numbers started coming in, mysteriously Biden received thousands of mail in votes in known liberal controlled voting areas that Trump was winning. And when the Republicans demanded a recount with Republican witnesses, they were denied and banished from the rooms with the explanation that whiteness could be banished, as it wasn't a law. Really, what did they have to hide than? There is no doubt this whole thing from the media to the numbers, and mail in voting, was nothing more than a political scam to manipulate the voters and get Trump out of office. Anyone who can't see that, either doesn't want to see it or is just plain fucking stupid.

    • 100% RIGHT.
      I will never stop supporting my President Donald J. Trump.

    • Totally correct and well-said. Lotta stupidity going around and the White House is ground zero. And unfortunately there is no vaccine for THAT!!!

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