I'm a sissy who loves other sissies.

I've not done this before last month for the first time. I chatted online with a website called "naughty cross dressers". I found someone who was young and pretty and like me enjoys wearing pretty feminine attire. I got up my courage and got a hotel room and invited "her" over. She was tall and good looking. Fully dressed as female she came in. I was surprised how nice she looked. I was by that time in some expensive pantyhose and high heels. She was done up well. I talked with her a little and soon we were all turned on and hot. It was nothing like anything I had experienced before. After some naughtyness I started to slowly lick her cock until she was nice and hard. She was very turned on. I used a vibrator on her. She wanted to have me enter her. Too late.... She came in my mouth.

1.3 years ago


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    • Karen (the fat shaming loser that fucks his mother’s corpse) is also a gloryhole regular and is now up to 400 lbs. from all of the cum he has swallowed.

      He looks like a giant Sperm Tick.

      He still lives in his mom’s single-wide and he still prowls the elementary school playground looking for pre-teen boys to abduct. He calls them his “fresh veal”.

    • Your fucking sick get help

    • Same to you, LOSER!

    • Where are you my darling, I'm all dressed in stockings with suspenders, white silky nylon knickers (full bum type), lacy bra and the most gorgeous flouncy multi layer shorty nylon nightie, mincing about my apartment, you naughty girly tease. I want you!!
      Love from Silky Sarah XX

    • My 'Lil sissy cunny is all wet 'n' READY for you. SILKY Sarah.....

    • Dear Silky Sarah;
      I'm in California. I'm looking to meet up with someone like you.

    • Awww!! Darling I'm in the UK, so that's unlikely but we can chat on here.
      If I met you I would be wearing stockings and suspenders, silky lacy pink French knickers with matching bra and the most beautiful nylon full slip with deep scalloped lace edging, all under a gorgeous floaty, flirty chiffon cocktail dress for you to lift while we are kissing, to push your erection against my pulsating penis that's trying to escape from my silky knickers!!!
      That would make you "clitty" wet my darling.
      Love Silky Sarah XX

    • I'm here and ready for action

    • Where are you, I'm feeling really naughty!!
      Love Silky Sarah XX

    • Dear silky Sarah I need you so much

    • Please, please send me a naughty post darling, I'm horny in my silkies again!!!!
      Love Silky Sarah XX

    • Oh!!!! What would you do to me you naughty person, I adore cock play.
      Please tell are you a male in sissy attire or a very randy man who desires a transvestite, please explain as I'm very naughty but nice.
      Love Silky Sarah XX

    • Yes I'm a true sissy tranny wearing pretty panties and silky pantyhose including a pair of 6 inch "FUCK ME" high heel pumps. They make my pretty 'Lil bum stick up for entry....

    • I'm dressed in full fashion nylons high heels leather skirt ready to suck and eventually let you fuck me silly

    • OOhhh!!!! Darling, thank you for sending me that naughty reply, my penis is throbbing under my silky white knickers as I sit here in my lovely floaty Marlon lacy nylon slip, while I get ready at my dressing table. I feel really naughty today getting ready to go to work in Oxford.
      Love Silky Sarah XX

    • Darling I'm dressed in my silkies right now and feeling really sexy and I do want to hear from you, you naughty girly.
      I adore naughty girlies in their silky knickers, lovely silky soft slips and suspenders and stockings and a lovely full skirt short dress just above the knee so it shows your underwear when you sit down!!

    • You naughty girly, I would love to make love to you dressed in my silky frillies all soft and alluring, hold you and feel your excitement as we kiss and feel each other, our erections stiff under our silky frilly knickers.
      Please reply my darling I would love to hear all about you, you sound so gorgeous!!

    • I'd love to get all dressed up and get it on with you

    • Oh!!!! You darling you, I would adore that, are you my silky fantasy sissy darling or are you a horny male that wants to sexually molest me in my silky floaty undies??
      Please reply, as I'm all dressed in pink nylon satin today and stiff in my gorgeous silky satin French knickers, stocking and silky lacy slip.
      Love Silky Sarah XX

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