Not sure if its true but it is funny

So here lately BF and I have been talking about people we have been with before our past and here is how is a story he told me

well he had a fuck buddy before and she was crazy is what he says anyways he was telling me about this one time they were at a convenience store and he dared her to do a flip and put a funnel in her pussy and turn on the slushy machine with her toes, and just say I always wondered what it would be like to drink a slushy like this and she did it and then they were going to leave and she got arrested and went to jail for 6 mo's they also did it in trees weirdos lol
anyways I searched public records to see if it would show up cause really i'm not sure if I believe the story and I thought about calling the cop shop in that town and ask them to look it up should I??

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