When I was a high school.sophmore a boy on the school football team forced me to suck his cock. I loved it

1 month ago


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    • My daughter would walk around the house all the time and her tight little outfits gymnastics gear and swimming classes and one day I couldn't take it no more and she had turned 12 and we rented a room in a motel so that we could use the pool and have her birthday party well she wanted to stay all night in the room so I agreed to it just so we can have time alone and that night I put on a porno and she started watching it I made her put on her one-piece bathing suit but I had just bought her and I started rubbing on her ass and then I moved to her pussy she didn't stop me she just looked at me and I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said no. I made her turn around on the bed I put her head in my lap my cock was throbbing against her face I pulled it out and let her see it made her put it in her hands and then slowly started dry fucking her hand then I told her that she was going to suck it and she said Daddy I have never done that before and I said it's okay baby just treat it like a lollipop or a popsicle and I shoved her head down onto my cock I slowly started to fuck her mouth and I rubbed her pussy and when I get close to coming I pulled out and shut all over her new newly developed chest

    • That is the greatest thing I have ever read. You are not a man, sir, you are a GOD

    • I have a friend who's always been a bit shy and a bit of a pushover. A few years ago when we were both drinking I somehow got it into my mind to ask him to suck me off.

      He was shocked and said he wasnt sure.

      I got up, stood in front of him and guided his mouth to my cock. Once finished, I blew in his mouth he swallowed.

      It's become a regular thing since.

    • I did that with my buddy and he thought he was gonna get a load of hot cum and I pissed in his mouth! He was pissed! We were in a garden shed and he grabbed the first thing he could which was one of those big spade weeders and he cracked me in the head and knocked me out momentarily but I sure woke up when he shoved his huge dick up my ass and raped me.

    • A good experience for something to think about all the time. Would you like it more if girls abduct you and forced you to lick their clit?

    • My priest say girl not have love button that is myth

    • Priest in my village kill all woman with love button -- given to them by demon

    • When I was in college I was walking to a friends room in another dorm and started passing a guy in a doorway. He asked me if I was here to see some other guys name and at that moment the door opened across the hall and several guys grabbed me and pulled me in there. I was tossed on the floor and when I looked up I was staring at three cocks while the guy that stopped me walked in thru the door. You can leave after you suck all of us was what I was told and I began to get really scared shitless. I started to stand up but was pushed right back down then slapped in the head then told the same thing again adding that if I bit anyone of them I would not wake up feeling good. I again tried to stand up asking what if I don't do it and the answer was I would be stripped and bent over a chair then fucked in the ass by all of them. One of them actually showed me a jar of Vaseline and smiled at me. I had never even touched another guys cock in my life, I got up on my knees and the first one was shoved into my mouth, he grabbed my hair and a few minutes later I was choking on his orgasm. The next three went about the same way and when they were done they told me I had better not talk to anyone or my ass would be fucked hard. I ran my ass off back to my room and when I got there my roommate asked me why I looked like I had been crying. I told him he did not want to know but I said to never go into that dorm, some guys pulled me into a room and punched me in the gut like a dozen times I told him lying about it.

    • Did you do it again?

    • Yes lots.all the cock in bus stations. for the meth they give me. I love it twenty cock a day

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