While sitting on the 7th floor balcony I jerked off my sisters husband..... I'm ashamed of it on the sense that I want to do it again and more.... while on vacation and sitting by the pool with my sister, i was waiting for my husbands phone call to pick him up from the airport and my sister mentioned that the reception was better from the balcony,,,, when i got there jack was sitting in his shorts reading the paper and i could see his dong hanging out... he has an impressive size i mentioned before long i was jerking him off and he shot a huge load on the balcony ..... i want to fuck him real bad and see how much cock i can take i'm so ashamed of wanting to do it

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  • Find a safer guy, and the best place to find him is at work.
    Another source is a girlfriends exs.

  • That’s hot. I was the president of a large university and me and the misses would pick up hot young Latin guys to fuck her whike I watched.

  • Just do it.

  • So how much cock CAN you take?

    Fact is, this isn't going away. You may feel ashamed thinking of it, but you will regret far more living all your years never knowing. When you're advanced in years, it will be not what you've done but what you HAVEN'T done that you regret. And by then, it will be too late.

    Do it now.

  • There’s nothing to be ashamed. One day you can ask them for an incest threesome. You and your sister can suck his big duck together.

  • It's human nature

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