Abused of punishment by strict Mom ended going to prison

I was raised by a very Strict wealthy Mom, I was five years old when I Started getting punish I wasn't aloud To have friends My Mom hardly Spent time in Home I was fedd and get a bedtime bath by twos older Maid's even when I was supposed to used the toilet the younger maid used to clean me up and Wash my naked bottom I was supposed to be in my footage pyjamas after my homework was done. Ready for my Mom when she got home if I disobey one of the maid's I was getting spanked over my Mom knees and send to the corner until ten o'clock and night But when I Starting growing up everything started changing I was fourteen years old and I live a nightmare until I was twenty two years old every time I asked her for permission to go to a friend house she always replied you are not going nowere if I talk back to her She make me undress in front of her and take me out side to the patio and with a Electric cord Weep all my body and back and naked bottom,I didn't got no choice to get on my knees and started kissing her legs and hugged, until one day I decided to run away of course she calls the police and I was returned to her I show the police all my scarf and told them that I was afraid of her I didn't know how she was going to react , the sooner I got home she told me that she was going to teach me a lesson that I never forget She took all my clothes and lock me in a storage room out side in the patio with a change in my two legs that little room at noon time was over a hundred degrees I didn't have no water and food she Keeps me in there for five days until I start banging the door until one of the neighbors came in called the police she was at work when I got help I was take it to the hospital and spend almost two and a half weeks to get back on shape I explain what she was done Tru the year's to my self and that afternoon when she got home she was arrested I never met my Dad but I knew he was living in USA one of my auntie help me to come to United States and look for him I spent sixth months the street of Los Angeles living in the street until one day some one told me to go to a los Angeles mission and they probably can help me to locate my dad and they did they contacted a TV Show Call unsolved mysteries and my history was air two weeks later I got a call to the lobby and I Saw this Man that I never seem and told me I'm your dad and you are coming to me that day was the Happy's day of my life two months later I got a letter from Costa Rica That my Mom was dieing I went back to see her and prison and forgive her she passed away a week later :

3 months ago

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    • Wealthy mom should have invested in more schooling for her kids

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